Saturday, December 31, 2016

Starting the Year with Clean Sheets

Tonight, I'll put fresh sheets on the bed.  As the year grows old and morphs into the a different year, the new sheets will take me back to an easier time, a simpler time, when clean sheets were all I needed to feel safe and loved. As I sleep and wake in the new year, the discomfort of change that a new year, a new president brings is over shadowed by the joy of clean sheets. 

When I was a child, and this was when we didn't have fabric softeners or if we did, my mother didn't believe in them,  the sheets were very crisp and sharp when they came off the clothes line.  I remember jumping into bed and feeling their sharpness pressing into my nightgown, but as I moved and scrunched the sheets, they softened and became smooth.  As they smoothed, I was comforted in knowing that this was what would happen, and I would sleep in peace. 

Clean sheets.  The new year.  Comfort.  Joy.  This will be good.  
Goodbye 2016.
Welcome 2017.