Monday, February 29, 2016

Pixie Speaks - Going through the Dollar Store Bag

These were items from my Dollar Store bag!  We'll be going through the bag this week!
See you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Three Beautiful Things This Week...

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way. 
1) I've been Pixie's human for 7 years now.  She's 11 going on 12.  For all this time, she has made me laugh and smile everyday.  She loves people!  She's brought joy into the lives of so many others, both online and in person.  She has been the perfect dog for this time in my life.  
If that's not something for which I can be grateful, I don't know what is.

2) I've discovered Instagram, and I'm having so much fun on it!  There are some great photographers there.  If you are interested in following me, my user name is 10rosebud1 
Hope to see you there.

3) Don't judge me!  Married at First Sight is one of my favorite shows.  It's an escape from the mundane politics that are on TV all the time now.  I am thankful for diversions such as these, even if they are fake!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally! An Easy Peasy Tutorial: Making a Beaded Wire Cross

Yours will look different..
It all depends on how you shape the wire and which beads you use.
You can find this cross.

If you would like to make your own beaded cross.
Here's the tutorial.

What you need:
Copper wire: 16 g for the cross, 24g for the beading.
pliers, but if you don't have a pair, copper is soft enough to use your fingers.  
seed beads
assorted beads

 Here's how you do it.

 I used a foot of 16g wire.  Just bend and shape.  I find it easier to use a pair of pliers, but your fingers will easily bend copper wire.

When you come to attach one wire to the other, be creative!  Swirl and twirl the wire.  It looks prettier in the end.

This is really easy to make!

Now, you can start adding the beads.  I work with wire (24g) that is 12 inches in length or less.  
Just begin by wrapping the wire on the frame.  Add a few beads and wrap the wire across.  Keep doing the same thing until you fill in the cross.

It's easy peasy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Worth Repeating: I love My New Socks!!!!!!

I love my new socks!
They are warm.
They are cotton.
They breathe so nicely.
They don't match!!!
I love my new socks!
Check out

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making Pixie's Food...

She's 11 now.  She has a stenosis for which she takes medication.
The medication upsets her tummy.
Her regular food makes her tummy upset.  When I give her the expensive food which will help her tummy, she refuses to eat it, 
she doesn't like it!
So, I did a little research, and now, I make her meals.
Yesterday, I changed the recipe, a little.
I thought she was not feeling well because she refused to eat it.
A friend suggested I give her ice cream.
I didn't have ice cream, so I gave Pixie some yogurt.
She ate the entire container!
She licked the container clean.
I offered her chicken broth.
She drank it like she was using a straw!
I offered her some of the food I made.  She put some in her mouth and spit it out.  
She just didn't like the recipe.  I had changed it a bit.  I added parsley.  She didn't like the parsley.
Lesson learned.
Today, I made her food, and I didn't add parsley!  It was like Pixie was a vacuum!
I'm not an expert on making her food from scratch.  I think I still need to add some nutrients to the mix.  Here's my basic recipe.  I don't claim this will work for you.  If I were you, I would research making your own pet foods.  

Pixie's dog Food
Cooked rice.  To keep it fresh, I only make 2 cups of rice at a time.
Ground turkey or chicken, cooked.  I use about a half a pound per batch of food.
Half a can of canned pumpkin per batch.
1 small baked sweet potato per batch.
Half a package of frozen vegies: no corn or peas.  This time I used broccoli and cauliflower.
1 heaping tablespoon of coconut oil per batch.  I add that to the rice before I cook it.
Organic chicken broth.  I add enough so that the rice is not dry.

At this point I use my food processor.  I add the veggies, pumpkin and sweet potato and mush them up.  Then I add the rice and mush it up a bit.  Not much.  I add the chicken or turkey and finish mushing it up. 

Pixie gets about 2 cups per serving.  I don't know what your pet would need.  She loves this.  I'd like to add parsley, but Pixie won't eat the food then.  If you have better recipes, please let me know.  I'd love to make her something different.  I'm not sure she'll eat it, but it's worth the try!

Monday, February 22, 2016

So, You're Stuck. Here's What to Do... 6 ways that might Help You!

We all get stuck.
Sometimes, we are stuck in our cars waiting for a light to change.
Sometimes, we are stuck at work when we would rather be at home or with friends. 
Creatively, we can be stuck.
Writers call is a writer's block.
I've been 
for the last month with my writing. 
It's not that I didn't try.
Knowing that 
"The longest journey begins with one step,"
"Unless we take that first step,"
we will remain 

During this month of writer's block,
here's what I did, and it helped.

1) Stop what you're doing and take a break.  Go for a walk.  Get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air.  Hop on a treadmill or stationary bike and get that blood pumping.  If you take your mind off of your work and come back to it, you are most likely going to find relief from your block.
Fresh air + a break = new ideas 

2) Change tasks.  If you're stuck on what you're writing, stop where you are and work on something else.  Distract your mind.  Allow yourself to be distracted by the new job.  When you go back to that which you were working on before, you will find that the ideas flow easily.

3) Grab a snack.  Your brain might be low on carbohydrates, and you need something to eat or drink.
A low cal snack can help the creative juices to flow.

4) Stop and read.  Read, yes, I said read, but, don't read what you're writing.  Read a newspaper section that you wouldn't normally read.  Read a book you wouldn't like.  Read an article on a topic of no interest to you.

5) Doodle with your non dominant hand.  Set a time limit so you don't loose yourself in this task.  (I would get lost in the new task of doodling if I didn't.)  Use colors you don't like.  Draw only with black and white.  Draw in ways that you would not normally draw.

6) If you're still stuck at the end of the day when you're ready for bed.  Read your post a couple of times before you go to sleep. Put your writing down.  Let your brain work on your topic without your help, while you sleep.

These ideas helped me, a lot!  Maybe, they'll help you, too.  If you have other ideas, please let me know.  I'd love to hear from you!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Here's a small part of my life!

  Enjoy this noisy video.
Can you hear this?  The crows are settling in for the night, and they are making noise!  I love that the sunset is coming later and later each day!  Yes!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Three Beautiful Things This Week

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way. 

1) The sun is rising earlier and setting later.  Even the weather is a bit warmer than it should be now.
That gives me great joy!

2)  Ice does help with inflammation.  That's a wonderful little trick to remember.

3) I love my red shoes!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Day You Died

We knew.
The time written in the Book of Life for you had come.
You left us, and we sat in stunned silence, that your time had come to pass.
I looked outside as I held your hand.
The sun was still shining.
The earth was still turning.
The laws of nature had not been overturned.
You were growing cold,
time still continued.

We slipped into a coma of shock.
Friends came over to help.
I sat in my nightgown, unaware that I was not dressed.
I still did not weep.
I could not weep.
I could not even cry.
Then, like in the Garden, someone suggested I get dressed.
The room was full of people.
I hadn’t even realized because
You were dead.

Someone cooked.
Someone did dishes.
That might have been, but I’m not
The sun was shining brightly.
It was warm outside.
They went home,
we were alone.
I still couldn’t cry,
at least,
not until the early hours of the morning when no one but me was awake.

The sun still rose.
Lives continued.
I heard the sirens of the night as I sat on the deck.
It was too late.
It was the day after you died and the world still turned.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Worth Repeating: February

Dear February,
You do know that you weren't supposed to begin until today, don't you?  I was surprised to look at my calendar and see I was three days late.  You started without me, but that doesn't surprise me.
You are a sly month, dearest February.  You are supposed to be a month of love, but the snow keeps on falling, and I have to drive in it.
My son told me that my car is a "snow beast."  According to him, that's good, but I still slip down the hill near church.  Can you explain this?  If my car is, indeed, a snow beast, that shouldn't be happening in February, should it?
In other parts of the country, spring is not the forbidden fruit that it is here.  I place the blame squarely on you, dear February, clearly on you!
Then there is the celebration of love called Valentine's Day.
It's nice at times, I will admit, dearest February,
when you are snowed in with people you don't like on Valentine's Day at a restaurant because your 
Snow beast cannot handle the amount of snow,
well, enough said about that.

The flowers are still resting under the snow, sleeping.
That is such a beautiful image, isn't it, February?
Today, our high will be 1,
Yes, February, I said, 1.
Where are the flowers now?
If they are smart, they have fled my garden to be found in Florida or Hawaii.
Oh, February, you are a fickle beast.
If you think I don't like you, you're right.
on the plus side,
you are a short month,
as you deserve to be.
People are cranky!
People want to wear sandals, shorts and tank tops.
Oh, February you are a cruel mistress!
 Fly by me.
I'm ready for spring!

Monday, February 15, 2016

As I write This, It's Snowing....

According to reliable sources, 
there are 34 days until spring.  
I am craving my woman cave.
I want to make soap.
I want to work with polymer clay.
I want to drink a glass of wine and eat dinner in the warm cave.
I want my neighbors to see the pink.
I want to celebrate the warmer days.
Oh, I can hardly wait for spring, but
it will probably snow that day.

I want Pixie to fall asleep in the car with the windows open
so that all the fresh air can make her tired.

I want my neighbors and friends to join me in the celebration of community and life.I'm so r
I want to see a plush, green lawn, and some dandelions peeking over the edges.
I want to take the garbage cans outside and know that I won't slip on the ice.
I want to sip iced tea in the cave.
I want to clean out the cave.
It's that time of year when people get cranky and tired of winter.
We all want to trade in the boots for crocs and sandals.
We want to trade in the jeans for shorts and tanks.
 I know, I know,
We're on the road to spring.
I hope it gets here soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things This Week...

hree Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way. 

1) See that sweet roll?  I hadn't had one of these in AGES!  It was delicious!  Trust me.  It was well worth the calorie intake.  Sigh!

2) I am very grateful for my chiropractor.  She helps me to feel better,  and she teaches me how to take better care of myself.

3) As I write this, the sun is shining.  The glare of the sun on the snow is beautiful to see.  However, I can hardly wait for spring!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

For the Love of: Art and Humor

Finding art around you isn't hard.
Yesterday, I pulled into the parking lot at church, and I saw this car in the parking space next to mine.
Of course,
I had to take a picture.
Both headlights of the car
had eyelashes!
A lady, walking into the building stopped, and together we giggled.
I do mean we giggled at the sight of a car with eyelashes.

Art evokes emotions.
Art is expressed in different media.
Art is a creative skill.

Using that definition,
eyelashes on a car's headlights is a form of art.

I wish I could find eyelashes for my car!

Where have you found art in an unusual and unexpected places?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Quiet Day. Ash Wednesday, the Start of Lent...

Today, I will only show a few of my critter beads.  It's Ash Wednesday, and I hope to honor the day with quiet.
Enjoy the beads.
Peace be with you.
As I journey this day, I will pray for each of you.
Thank you for being a reader.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My 8 Suggestions for the Political Candidates!

1) First and foremost, 
because when I realize you lied to me,
I'll never believe you again,

2) Don't say one thing and do another.
Don't tell me you stand one way, but your history says something else.
I'm not stupid.
If you think I am, you need to reevaluate your thinking.

3) If you're going to give a political speech,
With modern technology,
I. Can. Hear. You.
This might not make sense to you, but if you speak softly,
I will listen.
I might not agree with your ideas, but I will hear you.

4) Don't be a bully.  Don't call names.  I have little respect for those who do.
If you've never been bullied, consider yourself lucky.
Be Firm.  Be Direct.  Be Kind.
I will respect you even if I disagree with you.

5) When you use social media, don't be rude.  As a leader, I will expect you to be kind and respectful to others.  When you TWEET, act like an adult.  When you post on Facebook, BE an adult.  Posting on Instagram?  Ditto.  Use your social media interactions to make me feel good about you.

6) As an American, please don't embarrass me.  You represent our country.  We don't like having our leaders laughed at by other countries.  If you hope to lead our country, act like a leader with dignity and respect for others.

7) Use you inside voices, please!  Did your mother teach you to act so disrespectfully?  Did she teach you to say hateful things to other people.  Did she teach you to lie with a straight face?  Did she teach you to humiliate others publicly?  I don't think so.  Make your mother proud.  

8) If you really want to know what I think talk to me.  I would appreciate a personal phone call from you.  I would treat you with respect and dignity.  I will ask you questions that will determine whether or not I will vote for you  Don't belittle me when I do.   I won't belittle you.

IN OTHER WORDS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, (and, as of this writing, I use those are words loosely),


Rant over.
I'll try to keep my opinions to myself, but, in November, if you find yourself unsure of someone to vote for, then vote for me.
I already have 3 votes!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Random Questions: The Election

Normally, I refrain from commenting, but this year, 
I'm older and I don't care.

Why does Hilary yell so much?

Why does Bernie think he'll be President?

Why don't people like Ted?

Why is the the Donald, the Donald?

Why don't people realize that if something is illegal, they really should care?

Why do people think that, because someone says they didn't do it, but the evidence is there, that
maybe, they did commit the illegal act?

When someone says, "I really like the evangelicals.  I have my mother's bible," do people ignore the obvious.  That's just not true?
Why is it popular to be a "progressive" when that term  means nothing?

Why do people call abortion "Health care," when it's not?

Why is our society embracing lies, deceit, and corruption in our politicians?

How can we make it better?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Three Beautiful Things This Week

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way.

1) We had a snow storm this week.  9 inches of snow fell, but the drifts are higher than that because of the wind.  I was lucky.  I stayed safely inside my home.

2) It's fun to watch Pixie run in the snow.  She's old, and she doesn't run as fast as she used to run, but she loves the snow.  It looks to me like she has a smile on her face.

3) I'm very lucky.  My driveway was cleaned by 8:30 AM.  I didn't go any place that day, but if I had to go, I could have.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I made these! Gluten Free Cheese Sticks

One of the things I've learned about gluten free cooking is that the texture of the product might be very different than what you are used to eating.
This recipe, although very good, is no exception.
I found this recipe on Facebook.
You don't have to be on Facebook to access the recipe.
Here's the link.
If you like cauliflower,
you will love this recipe.
If you don't like cauliflower,
you will love this recipe.

You only need to remember, that the texture of these cheese sticks is not the same as bread sticks.

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend,  you might consider these as a lower calorie experiment.  There is a lot of cheese in this recipe.  I cut the amount of cheese in half to save some calories.  
The "cheese" sticks tasted good, but they aren't bread sticks. 
Would I make them again?
Yes, I think so.
They were good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Worth Repeating: 10 Things about Me (Pixie)

1) In my house, no one gives me treats or feeds me, at least, that's what I tell my friends at Pet Expo.  Then THEY give me treats and THEY pet me. 
2) I really like junk food, at least, that's what my human says it is.  I don't think it's junk!  It's good food!
3) When I get hot, I sure do like those sponge baths!  They cool me off, and then I can sleep really well!
4) I still don't get it, but one day two men came into my house and took away my couches!  There were new couches there when I came back downstairs, and they were really more comfortable, but I don't know why they took my couches away.
5) I have a lot of friends who live near me.  Buck lives across the street with his human.  Gracie lives at the end of the block with her human.  Then there's my Auntie Helen and Uncle Curt.  They live next to Gracie and her human.  I really like all my friends.
6) I don't get it.  I know it's polite to sniff someone's butt, but my human says that we don't do that in this house.  I really don't get it.
7) My human knows Jenny who has two cats.  Those cats scare me.  I have to do what they tell me to do.  One time, I wanted to get on the couch at Jenny's house, Walter told me I had to sleep on the floor.  I did.  I don't get it.  He wasn't even on the couch with me.  Sheesh!  Those cats are sure bossy!
8) My human knows Nick.  I don't get to see him very often, but he sure loves me.  He's always telling me how pretty I am!  He rubs my ears!  He's not like those cats that Jenny has!
9) Another thing that I don't get are toys.  What are toys and why does my human want me to play with them?  Doesn't she know I'd rather sleep?  Then she wants to play "Where's Pixie?"  She can see me.  I don't get it!  Why doesn't she know where I am?
10) Life can be so confusing.   Sometimes I just shut my eyes and I am running in that ring chasing that rabbit.  That's so much fun!  And then I get to meet people!  I love people!  Sigh!   I love my dreams!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February: The Month of Love, so What is Love?

Before we define 
we need to know that there are different types of 
We tend to think of love as the love of a man and a woman expressed through sex.
Love is not sex.
The emotional part of love might be expressed in sex, but 
Love is much more than sex.
Love can be the love of parents for their children.
Love can be the love of children for their parents.
Love can be the love of a sister for a sister or a brother for a brother or a sister's love for a brother or a brother's love for a sister.
Love can be the love of extended family for one another.
Love can be the love that exists between friends.
Love can be the emotion associated with a home, a building,  a book, an object, an animal, a place.
Love can be the love we have for God and God for us.
Love is alive in everything! 
 How, then, is love expressed.  What are the commonalities of love whether they exist in married love or the love of a child and parent?
Love expresses itself to the beloved with:
Love does not seek to hurt the beloved.
Rather Love seeks to treat the beloved with kindness and respect.  
Love puts the welfare of the beloved before it's own welfare.
Love is expressed through listening and responding without being rude or seeking to protect it's own point of view above the Beloved.
Love doesn't allow anger to overtake their treatment of the Beloved, nor does anger brood over misunderstandings.
Love seeks to understand rather than condemn.  Love tries to compromise when arguments happen,
and they will happen. 
If sadness or mistakes happen to the Beloved, the lover does not rejoice over these happenings.
Rather, love seeks to support and protect the Beloved.
Love, when the times are difficult, bears and endures with the Beloved.
Love, in difficult times, hopes in the future, and works towards the future.
Love, in difficult times,  believes that the commitment to love is binding and carries into the future.
Love is...
 What do you think Love is?

Monday, February 1, 2016

An Interview with Me

Q.  It's been a long time since we've had a chance to talk.
A. Yes, it has been.

Q. Do you really want me to interview you?
A. Who else would know me better than me?

Q. Ok.  Let's get started.
A. All right.

Q. By modern day standards you're still young.  How old are you?
A. You know how old I am.  Why would you ask me that?

Q. Well, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about age and wisdom.  Ok.  If you don't want to tell me how old you are, tell me this.
How old would you like to be?
A. I'd like to live for a while yet.  There must be more for me to do.

Q.  What would you like to do before you die?  What's on your bucket list?
A. I really don't have a bucket list, but I'd like to write more, create more art, get back to my glass.

Q. Don't you want to travel?
A.  I don't travel well.  I'd prefer to do things locally.  There's a lot to see here.  I enjoy taking pictures.  I'd love to take some new pictures.

Q.  What do you want to write?  Do you want to write a book?
A. A book?  Not really.  I just want to write well and get people interested in my blogs.

Q.  What are the names of your blogs?
A. Well this is a commercial for my blogs.  For the Love of...That's this blog.  I also write for His Unending Love and Prayerfully Yours. 

Q. That doesn't seem very ambitious.  What else do you want to do before you die?
A. I want to find peace and happiness.  I'd be content with that.

Q. You're not very ambitious, are you?
A. I'm not highly motivated to save the world any more.  I'm just happy to be alive.

Q. Why is that?
A. There are those who can save the world.  I'm glad to pass on the torch, and I'm lucky enough to do what I want, when I want, without regrets.

Q.  Are you saying that you don't have any regrets?
A.  Oh, no, I have regrets.  There aren't many, but they are deep regrets.  I'm glad that I just don't have any more than I do now.

Q.  What's your favorite TV Show?
A.  Well, I have two of them.  One is Downton Abbey and the other is Married at First Sight.

Q. Are you watching TV right now?
A. Yes, I'm watching Downton.

Q. Should we reschedule this interview?
A.  I never thought you'd ask.  Talk to you later.  It's the last season of Downton.  Bye!