Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Worth Repeating: Random Thoughts of Thanksgiving

1) Even though they aren't supposed to get along, they do!  I'm thankful.
2) The stem cell transplant is over, and Jenny is coming home early.  I'm thankful.
3)  I'm tired and worn out, but that means I'm alive.  I'm thankful.
4) I have two wonderful children who have proven the strength of their characters in this time of crisis.  I'm thankful.
5) Life will become more routine again.
I'm thankful.

6) Life goes on.  I'm thankful.
7) We have been changed for better or worse.  I'm thankful.
8) Our lives are certainly NOT dull.
I'm thankful.
9) Lemons into lemonade--the bitter with the sweet.  I'm thankful.
10) True friends and family, they've been here with us.  I'm thankful.

What are your random thoughts of thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sculpture and Polymer Clay

I have a great love for Mary,
the Mother of God.
(Yes, I know that this is not one of my Catholic Blogs.)
It's just that I've been on a journey with polymer clay,
this is part of the evolution.
My faith is beginning to be expressed in my art.

In all honesty, 
I am not sure why I began this particular journey of the 
I just knew it was a path on the journey.
With Christmas coming up,
I wanted to have a 
made for my home, 
not as a part of the decorating, but as a permanent part of my decor.

So, it began with the round Madonna on the left.
I have found out that I am 31% native American.  This influenced the Madonna, the woman I call 
"Queen of All Peoples."
Next to her is the woman I call
"Madonna of the Snow."
We got our first real snowfall that day.
She's the only Madonna that is not hold the Child Jesus in her arms.
Next to her is the
"Queen of the Universe."
Directly under her is
"Mama Mary, the Mother of God."
Next to her is 
"The Queen of Refugees."
Those are my Madonnas.
In between, I was still working on this mosaic of Pixie.  She's my first one of 
"The Girl."
Today, I finished framing the Madonnas and Pixie.  I am very happy with the results, 
tomorrow, they will hang in my living room.

Not to be forgotten, here's Pixie's mosaic.  
The lighting wasn't good,
there was a reflection, but you get the idea!
So, until Tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Are You Ready?

is Thanksgiving!
The holiday season is getting ready to explode.
Next Sunday
is the first Sunday of Advent.

A month and two days from today

Are  you ready for that news?
I'm not.

On top of that, 
Today is Monday, too.
Well, maybe you're much more organized than I am.
I'll be lucky to get my tree set up before Xmas Eve.
Oh, well, life is truly an adventure here.

I wish you the best of the holiday season.
I wish you breath.
I wish you patience.
I wish you joy.
I wish you the best of the best.
Most importantly,
I wish you peace.

Now, if you are the driver in front of me who
on driving below the speed limit,

Merry Xmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2015