Thursday, October 23, 2014

30 Word Thursday:: The Leaves Have Fallen

There aren't many more days until the first snowfall.
The leaves have fallen from the trees, again.
Season by Season,
Year by Year.
The truth is the same.
Autumn is here.

From Erin's Blog

The premise of 30 Words Thursdays is simple...
Take an image (preferably one you shot, or have permission to use).
Write 30 Words about it. No more. No less.
Post it each Thursday.
Come Join the fun!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 22:: AWESOMENESS:: 31 Day Writing Challenge:: More Prototypes:: Ornaments

The show will be here soon, so I have to develop my ornaments.  These are the new and improved prototypes.  I'm almost there!

Which one or ones do you like the best?

My favorites are the houses.

The flower still needs some developing,
and I'm almost there.

I'm not sure that the
"wild, wire woman"
will make a good Christmas ornament for a tree, 
but we shall see.

I do like the houses the best.

What do you think?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21:: AWESOMENESS:: What I've Learned in this Writing Challenge

Today is Day 21 of the 
31 Day Writing Challenge.

When I began this writing challenge,
I chose 
as a topic because I wanted to retrain my brain to look at the world in a better way.
I wanted to look at the world more positively.

this photo looks more like how I feel than anything else.

It's not that today was a bad day.
It wasn't.
There were many pleasant happenings today than I can count.

Today was just not AWESOME, that's all.
Not every day can or should be 
Life would be so boring if it were.

there was one thing that happened that I do think was 

My next door neighbor told me that she wanted my leaves for her garden mulch.
Not only that, she's going to 

Maybe the entire day wasn't 
but that sure was!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 20:: Awesomeness:: I don't know if this is awesome or not, but I do Have a question...

So many people are shocked to see Christmas decorations in the stores already.  (They've actually been up since early June, but that's another issue.) As lovely as these ornaments are, I need to make some ornaments
out of polymer clay.  (I'm in a big show in December.)  Here's my question::

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for ornaments?  I need to get to work.  

You're help would be 


Thanks in advance!