Friday, June 24, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Five Minute Friday
Write for five minutes.
What you see is what you get.


Rest.  We all need rest, but so many of us don't get enough rest.  Rest restores and refreshes the body.
Rest enables the mind to solve problems.
When we rest our mind, but feed the the brain a problem to solve or an idea to develop, the mind, in a state of rest, allows the process of creativity to begin.
Why do we not get enough rest?
I know I don't get enough rest.
For some, small children do not sleep through the night, but when they do, they teach us the gratitude we should have for such a gift.
Rest.  We all need rest.  Even our animals.  Pixie rests most of her day.  Pixie sleeps, gets up, then she sleeps again.  
I have wondered that since jelly fish do not have brains, do they rest?  Isn't that amazing?  A creature without a brain that can survive in an ocean.  I am most impressed with that creature. 
The Man of War Jellyfish is one of the most feared jelly fish since its sting can kill.
This is a creature without a brain.
So, I continue to ask, does a jelly fish rest?
I don't know.  Perhaps, they are like my dog, they rest all the time.
The End!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Secret

whether you journal for yourself
or blog publicly,
which part of the process do you like the best?
My guess would be the writing, more specifically,  the enjoyment of writing. 

Most of my writing is writing for me,
just for me.
I love the process.
Whether spiritual or not, 
the process of writing is, for me, what it's all about.

I always carry a notebook in my purse for random thoughts.
I use my Ipad and phone to record other  thoughts and ideas.

I take a lot of pictures.
They are a journal, too.
Writing without words is an interesting concept, don't you think?

So, I have so many journals filled with blather and love.
I wonder what will happen to these when I die?
Perhaps, all of this will be of no value to the ones I leave behind.
I'd like to think some one, some where, will value the life I lived and recorded,
but, perhaps, no one will.
I don't know.  

Memories are just bits of time we have kept with us as we walk our journey called life.
Some memories are wonderful!
Other memories are those bits of time we want to leave in a minefield and explode.
Nevertheless, they are part of our lives, part of what made us who we are or were.
We only take love with us.

Can I tell you a secret?
I have a silly dream that one day, one of my journals will be found in an old bookstore by someone interested in history.
I have a silly dream that this person will buy that old journal, read it, and write their own story of my life.

Silly, right?
It's just a dream, and now you know.

I just like to write and dream.
How about you?


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Worth Repeating: So, what Do You Do on a Rainy Friday? Ramblings on a Wet Friday.

Looks like fun, and it did brighten up and otherwise gloomy day.
I knew I had to do this.
I've always wanted one.
Now, finally, at my age,
I'm getting one
It's almost finished.
The rain helped to get it going.
Halloween is drawing near.
I'm wearing it on that day,
on any day I want to dance.
Do you know what IT is?
Well, it's tulle right now, 
but soon it will be a
I needed more than I bought, so it was back to the fabric store for more tulle.
This time I added some white for an accent.  
You'll see it next week when I'm finished with it.
I can hardly wait.

I'll dance in it, too.
I love to dance.
I wonder what Pixie will think?
She'll just lift up her head, then go back to sleep.
Maybe, I'll make one for her, too?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Changing the program up a bit: Today will be 5 minute Friday: Lose

The June day when the day is the longest is coming soon.
I really don't look forward to that day.
That long day tells me that the light of the day will become shorter
I look at the glorious sunset.
Right now,
the sun is the focus of my sight.
Look! Look!
The sun is almost setting!
I love this time of day, but I do not look forward to cold, dark days of winter.
Life is good.
Summer flies by fast.
It's just begun, summer, that is,
and now, the days will begin to shorten.  
Dark days are coming quickly.
The temperatures will rise then fall.
I love the warm days.
I love the long days.
Look at that glorious sun.
i'm litterally riding into the sunset!
I remember those words from the TV westerns I used to watch as a child.
I love the days that are warm.
I love the nights that are cool!
These are summer days.
Then the cool of autumn begins to bite.
Soon  the dark winter days will be here.
Sunrise.  Sunset.
sunset.  Sunrise.
It's a cycle of life and living.
As life comes into the world, one day, we must leave the world through death.
Sunrise.  Sunset.
The light makes  us grow.
Challenges.  Storms.
The sun is hidden, but today, the sun is beautiful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Worth Repeating; inspiration Flies

Imagine my shock when I looked up and saw this sculpture.  It's called Sky Diver, and from where I was standing this amazing character looked like he was in free fall.

This is my kind of art!  I love abstract!  I love sculpture.   I love joy and hope!  This sculpture has everything I like about art, except for glass.  So, I decided that one day, and I'm not sure when, this sculpture will be a bead.

It should be fun to make.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but when I do, and it might be a while, I'll show the bead.  I have a feeling that with this one, the glass will do what it wants to do.
We'll see.

Soon, my pretty, very soon!