Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snippets of My Bathroom

I used a lot of polymer clay to decorate my bathroom.  This is a little sculpture that is part of my "Little Garden" series.  I enjoyed making this.

Here's the other corner of the bathroom.  I love this little sculpture of girly girl things.  I didn't make it.  I found it at the Dollar Store a while back.

The milk bottle and flowers were given to me by Jenny for Christmas.  I love the flowers!

 Here are some polymer clay flowers I made for the wall.  I've really enjoyed these flowers for decorations.

Here's the other wall, and it's filled with flowers.  The lights are on either side of the mirror which is the focus of the room.

Here's the door reflected in the mirror.  You can see the flowers that I love!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Day Is Here! The 2014 Art Charm Exchange Reveal and Auction for Beads of Courage Has Arrived!

The theme for this year's Art Charm Exchange was

 In my mind,
what would make you soar more than to fly on a butterfly's wing.
Well, there were other ideas, and I'm going to show you the charms I received in exchange for my butterfly wing.

Aren't these amazing?  
I love them!

Thanks to Monique, 
Lamplight Crafts,
Chris Eisenberg,

More exciting charms!

Thank you,
Moriah Betterly,
Elizabeth Auld,
Sheila Prosterman!

Didn't I tell you I received 

In addition to the fun we had making and trading our charms,
there is an auction to benefit 

Jennifer Cameron 
has done an amazing job coordinating the exchange and the auction.
The photos of the charms are beautiful.  Click on the link above and make a bid.
100% of the funds made go to 

Thank you,

Since this is a blog hop, too,
Here's the list of all the participants in this hop and auction!

Blog Hop List!

Jenny Davies-Reazor:
Lennis Carrier:

Monday, November 24, 2014

It's that TIME AGAIN!

Black Friday deals are already being offered. 

Stores are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day. 

I applaud the stores who refuse to be open so that their employees can spend Thanksgiving with their families.

What's going on?  Have we really forgotten the meaning of family, being together, and celebration?

Sadly, I think we have.

I know that time with family can be difficult.  No one looks forward to that.   However, when we choose the store or item over the special time of celebration, whether we celebrate with families, friends, or a simple glass of wine, we make a mistake.   We are social creatures.  We are meant to share our joys and sorrows with each other.  We are meant to laugh and talk.  We are meant to cry.
We are meant to remember.  Celebration is an important part of our social structure.

The joy of the holidays is no more. 

That can change, but you have to make the decision to bring The Real Thanksgiving and Christmas back.  What can you do?
Resolve not to shop on Thanksgiving.  I don't care what the deals are!  Stay home.  Spend time with the kids.  Spend time with the family.  Make a call to wish someone you haven't seen in a long time a Happy Thanksgiving.  Catch up on family news.  Play a game.  Relax and watch TV. 

That's a big step.  Forget the things.  Remember the real meanings. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Heart Macro! Lemons

When Life Hands you Lemons....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Listing Saturday:: Reasons to Never Do a Show Where People Only want Free Things

1) The only people looking at my table were little kids with dirty, snotty, greasy fingers. 

2) Parents weren't paying any attention to the kids. 

3) People only want free things.

4) I don't sell free things.

5) Follow your gut about what the show will be like.

6) Realize that you should have listened to your gut an just stayed home.  

7) Realize that even though you feel that this was a total waste of time, you learned a lesson.

8) You do meet some nice people.

9) No one was looking at your beads.

10) Making $5 is not worth the work.