Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is How I Make Sugar Beads - Easy Peasy!

To me, the most time consuming part of making sugar beads is the prep work.
If' you've already done your prep work, it will be even easier.
#1: I cut up my clear shorts to make my frit.

This is my handy dandy home made frit maker that was put together by Dave Mutch at Mutch Hardware in lower North Mankato.
Thanks, Sandy and Dave.
The hammer is there so apply more force to the crusher when I use it.
There are other ways to make frit.
You can even buy the frit!
It's your choice.

You need some type of frit sorter. I used to use a kitchen sink strainer.
One of my glassy friends sent me his home made frit sorter years ago.
It has 4 levels of frit.
I use it all the time.

In the end, I had two sizes of frit to use.
The larger frit is about a size 1.
The smaller frit is about a size 0.

I chose the size 0. I've tried it with the larger size, but the "sugar" doesn't look like sugar to me. It's your choice.

Begin by making a donut shaped bead in a transparent color.
I chose a beautiful green I had in my "shorts" box.
Heat it until it glows red.
At this point you will want to roll it in your frit.

Do not press hard. You want some resistance from the glass.
Gently roll your warm bead in your frit.
If you roll too hard, your bead will become misshapen.

This is what the bead looks like after rolling it in the frit.
Sometimes, I'll roll the bead in frit,
reheat the bead and melt the first batch of frit in completely before I roll the bead in frit again.
That's up to you.
When you are satisfied with the amount of frit on your bead,
Gently introduce the bead into the flame.
Do NOT melt the frit in completely.
Just waft the bead in and out of the flame.
Anneal your bead.

It's not the best photo, but here are two sugar beads.
Like I said, easy peasy!


Pretty Things said...

Timely post, as I just ordered some clear frit a few days ago!

rosemarie h. said...

Thank you! I have never made these (except in my head). You made it look so easy - maybe I'll give it a try.