Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm a morning person!

I am truly a morning person! Throughout my life, I have functioned better in the morning than I have in the evening. Now, as I have matured, I find that I am on the same path except that now I stay awake easier in the morning than I do in the evenings.

I retired from teaching 2 years ago. The first year, I would set my alarm for 5 AM and begin my day at that hour. Not a problem. I love being up early and watching the sunrise. It's my favorite time of day, and the sunrise has been an inspiration for many of my beds. I love it! My creativity flows so freely in the mornings. My ability to shape a bead is far better in the morning than it is in the evening.

When my children were growing up, they taught me that they were night people. They functioned better at night than in the morning. As high school and college students, knowing that I would be sound asleep when they were just coming to life doing homework, talking with friends, just having fun, they would come into my bedroom and ask for permission to do things that I would normally not allow them to do. Being a sound sleeper, I would grunt, "Uhhhh," which they, of course, decided was a yes to their question. This made for many interesting situations when they would do the unacceptable, but claim they had my permission. I won't linger on that, but, you get the picture.

My children still function better at night than in the mornings. I, now that I am into my second year of retirement, no longer need an alarm clock to get up. The only time I set my alarm is on Sundays so that I will not miss church. It's amazing! I am awake between 5 and 6, if not earlier. That's the part I don't like. Earlier.
Even with this, I do have my limits. 5 AM, I'm okay. 4 AM, I'm not. Someone told me that this is just a normal part of aging. I'm not sure, but if getting up early is, I think I will embrace that time, unless it' s 4 AM.

On this wonderful Easter morning, I am looking out at the horizon. It's 6:36 AM, and it's still dark. There isn't even a hint of light coming from the East. The lights of the city are still on. I hope that the skyline begins to change soon. I love the morning and the peace I feel.

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Maggie said...

Just popping in to say hello.

I always wanted to be a morning person. I function better at night. Usually wake up early, just not functional.

Kids learn the ropes early, don't they!