Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pixie was Injured

While we were at the hospital yesterday,
the dog walker I had hired to help with Pixie called and told me that she thought Pixie might have a UTI.
She said she would be happy to take her to the vet for me.
I agreed.
She's highly reliable and knows her animals.
Jenny gave her the information for her vet, and the dog walker took her there.
Less than an hour later, I received a call from her saying that Pixie's foot had gotten caught in a door
and she was injured.
Pixie was with the vet who called me to tell me that in order to get Pixie's foot back together, 
she would need surgery.
He suggested that she stay overnight so that they could perform the surgery in the AM.
I agreed.
The vet also told me that he needed to talk with their surgeon about this.
An hour later,
I received another call from the vet saying they thought hey could bipass the surgery.
They used surgical glue on Pixie's foot.
The bleeding had stopped.
They felt she was going to be fine.
I can't tell you how quickly we flew over to the vet to pick up Pixie.
When I got there,
the dog walker was paying the bill and telling them that she would be responsible for any future bills because of the injury.
I was impressed.
I guess what I had assumed was the car door turned out to be the vet's door,
and, according to the techs there,
her injury was really bad.
One of her digits had actually been pulled apart from her foot.
The dog walker felt terrible.
I knew it was an accident.
She was very honorable.
I was impressed.
Although this really hurt Pixie,
she's not one to be down and out.
Well, in this photo, she was out.
Her paw is really sore.
She goes back on Thursday to have her bandages removed.
Wouldn't you know it?  It's supposed to rain for the next couple of days.
We aren't supposed to let Pixie get her foot wet.
The techs there recommended a product called
Press and Seal.
Pixie is wearing it on her foot.
It did keep her foot nice and dry.
She also has pain medication, too.
They told me that it might make her lethargic.
I asked how I would know.

I had to smile when I opened the Press and Seal.
Look at the cute figures on it.
It was hard to get off after our walk,
Pixie's foot stayed dry.
Even the vet techs discovered very quickly that
Pixie is a princess.
She gave them the 
They felt it was appropriate!


somethingunique said...

AWWWW :( poor baby i am glad she is ok i love Pixie and how you alway's include her in your post's i hope she feel better soon, give her a "bloggy doggy" hug for me :P
take care ttfn Lana :)

Patty said...

Ohh noo! Poor Pixie. ;-( I know with your care she'll be back to her good old self very soon. I'll have to look into that Press and Seal - sounds like a very useful product. We used baggies and duct tape on our dog's foot over the holidays when he was hurt, but they don't even make it through the walk.

Big hugs to you both, Mallory.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Patty. That press and seal is a great product!!!

susanlambert said...

My earlier post hasn't shown up here Mallory, but I wrote to say, and will say again.. I sure hope Pixie is better soon! It's always fun to read what she is doing. No doubt she'll be great soon with your TLC.

susanlambert said...

I hope Pixie feels better soon! It's always fun to read about her, but today, it was sad to see she got hurt. Your dog sitter sounds wonderful!

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Susan, she gets her bandage off tomorrow, so she will feel better then.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Okay girls - I've another use for the press and seal and not just for Pixie - although she is an incredible and loveable princess. When I had cracked skin on my heel my doctor said the best thing for it was to slather it up with vaseline and wrap that foot in press and seal overnight as yu slept. I have to admit it felt a little "Criminal Minds - serial fetish" but it worked like a charm.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Sharon!!!!

susanc said...

Ahhh, poor Pixie. Ouch! :( I hope she's feeling better very soon. Sending virtual hugs. xxx

kelleysbeads said...

Awww, poor Pixie. Extra hugs and ear rubs for your princess. What a crummy accident to happen to her paw...I can only imagine how awful your dog walker feels, but what integrity she has. I love that you can use the press n seal around her paw to keep it dry. Glad the bandages are coming off tomorrow!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Poor Pixie! What an amazing sitter you have! Some doors are heavier than you think!! I hope she mends fast Mallory! You've got so much on your plate.

Maybeads said...

Oh my! I sure am glad she is on the mend. Poor girl. She may be a princess, but she's tough. Hoping she heals quickly!

BigOrangeDog said...

Oh good, you know about the Press n Seal. Works great. She dislocated a toe too? Wow, what a freak injury. Poor little sweetheart. If the Press n Seal isn't durable enough for walks, ask the vet for an empty IV bag. They're about the right size and they're super strong.

Paula said...

Our Princess is hurt, poor baby, but I know she will heal fast with all the pampering she will get. Great tip about the press and seal stuff I'll have to remember that. Give Pixie some extra lov'n.