Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All right, Lisa!!! Are you Ready? Here's your Bead Soup for the party!

Oh, shoot!!!  This is the wrong picture!!!  This was an experiment that went wrong.  
I'm sorry.
Hold on, Lisa!!!  I'll find the right picture of your soup.

I'm sorry, Lisa.
This is the right photo.
I guess that I don't know how to edit a photo properly.
I hope you like it!!!
I hope to mail it by Friday!!!


Kokopelli said...

*LOL* Mean girl!

Metal Me This said...

Haha....funny girl ! Love what you are sending....yours will be coming as soon as I can get to the drawers...

thanks, Mallory!

Laney Izzybeads said...

Heheheeheh, I am getting so excited, not got my partner yet! its the first thing I check everyday :D

CraftyHope said...

Hah! You made me chuckle over this. I do like your 'experiments' in the first picture and can't wait to see what's actually in that second picture!