Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Beads Come Home, and How I love to see them, and Patti supports the handmade lampwork bead artisan!!!!!!!

See these beads?
I made them, but Patti Vanderbloemen made them beautiful in these earrings.
I love to see my beads made into jewelry or included in sculptures or whatever!!!

After seeing these earrings, I knew I had to check out Patti's 

Let's look at some of the beautiful jewelry Patti has in her store.

Isn't this beautiful?
Check it out

One thing that I love about Patti is that she supports handmade lampwork bead artists by purchasing her beads from them.

Thank you, Patti!
We appreciate your support.

Isn't this necklace amazing!!!!
You can find it

Again, the beads that Patti uses in her designs are 
artisan made glass lampwork beads.
Thank you, Patti!!

I "wubs" these earrings!!
These are earrings you could wear any time of the year and anywhere.
Check them out

Patti used artisan made lampwork glass beads.
Thank you, Patti!!!

Isn't this beautiful?
More of Patti's beautiful creations with 
artisan made glass lampwork beads.
Thank you, Patti.

Check out this beautiful necklace

There's so much more to see in 
Have a look and see.
Not only that,
Patti is having a sale right now.
Valentine's Day is near, and Patti makes beautiful

Patti also helps to support 
Handmade Artisan Lampwork Glass Bead Makers.
Thank you, Patti!!!


Patti Van said...

You are too kind! I cannot thank you enough for your lovely words! There is nothing more beautiful to me than a handmade bead! Thanks!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful work with those lampwork beads - and nice post.