Monday, May 11, 2015

Pixie, Marvin and Fred

When Pixie and I visit Jenny,
we also get to spend time with



Jenny has had Marvin for almost 10 years now.

He was a feral cat that she adopted after her chiropractor told her about Marvin.

Marvin had been rescued by Jenny's chiropractor.

He was always a sweet cat.

Now, as he ages, his arthritis is starting to affect him.
 Marvin is still very mellow.
Marvin doesn't mind when Pixie is visiting.
Marvin just sleeps,
Pixie sleeps.  
No problem.

Now, Fred is in the mix.  
Do you see that glare coming from Fred's face?
Even if Pixie is sleeping, Fred will stare and glare at her.
When Fred has finished his glare, he will hiss at Pixie.

Fred has his reasons for not trusting dogs.
He was found in January and rescued from the streets.
He had some frost bite.
He had to survive.
So, even though we don't know Fred's history,
we can guess that his life wasn't the greatest until Jenny took him into her home and heart.

Pixie does what Fred "tells her to do."
If Fred does not want Pixie on the love seat, 
Pixie does not get on the love seat.
If Fred does not want Pixie to lay on the floor,
Pixie goes into the bedroom and sleeps on the bed.
She sighs, and Fred hisses.
Maybe they won't be the best of friends, but they might be able to get along,

Pixie is now sleeping on her couch.
As soon as she gets home after visiting kitties, 
Pixie claims her couch.  
She'll get up to go potty or eat, but there is no other reason, in her mind, to leave that couch.

The girl is happy again.
She's home!
Happy Belated Mother's Day!

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