Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pixie's Gruel

Pixie is a fussy eater.
Most greyhounds are not, 
"The Girl" is a diva.
I have to buy her food from the vet because she has the doggy form of
However, she gets tired of the food, and refuses to eat.
I have let food sit for two days, and she won't eat.
A little bit of reading, though, taught me that it's okay to give her people foods, too.
This has helped with her eating habits.
Daily, now, I give her a bowl of
using people food and a little bit of dog food.
Surprisingly, she loves it!!!!
I usually use what I have on hand.
I make her oatmeal.
I heat up a bowl of water.
(I can't give you exact measurements because I don't measure.)
I add about 1/4c - 1/2c uncooked oatmeal.  Let the oatmeal sit until it gets a little thick, then add the rest of your ingredients.
(If you use instant oatmeal, be sure to read the labels.  Xylitol can kill a dog, even in small amounts.)
I make her an egg.  I cut that up and add to the cooked oatmeal.
I add some olive oil,  maybe about 1 Tablespoon.
I add about 1/2 cup of her regular food.
I've tried mushing up peas and carrots in her food, but she sure knows how to pick around those!
She's not fond of veggies.
If I have a little left over rice, I'll add that.
If I have yogurt, I add a little of that.
(Not all dogs can handle this, so use caution with your dog.)
I've been known to add applesauce and/or mushed up bananas.
I add peanut butter.
She loves peanut butter, but, again, 
Many peanut butter manufacturers are starting to add Xylitol to the peanut butter.
That's not good for animals.
I can only assume it's not good for us, then.
I think you get the idea.
Pixie gets one bowl of this a day. 
Her coat glows, and she thinks she's eating people food.
Right now, Pixie is sound asleep.
She just finished her gruel for the day, and she gets very sleepy after eating her gruel.
Kitties want some gruel, too, but their tummies can't handle people food like dogs' tummies can.
Here's a site that will give you guidance on what people foods dogs are safe eating.
There are many more sites out there.   Just google "Foods that dogs can eat."
All right, now it's up to you.
Have fun with your pet and be careful.


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