Monday, December 10, 2007

Time for more bead pictures!

Christmas is, officially, 15 days away. Wow! The Christmas cards are arriving daily now. I've quit being such a grinch about Christmas. But my love for beads still surfaces, even though, this year, I didn't make Christmas beads. Here are a few photos of some of my beads.
This set of beads is a small nugget set made of light silver plum. When I first used light silver plum, I had no idea of what could happen with the color if you learned how to treat it the way it likes to be treated. The color is dark, and, depending on how you use it, you rarely see the plum color. I have seen the actual plum color pop out in twisties, but the fascinating colors don't pop out until you whisk it through the flame, low and easy, for about five minutes. You can see hints of the colors that popped in the photo. The color is dark, but in the right light you see the lighter and more vibrant colors emerge. I love the plums. Dark silver plum has another set of colors to it, but you have to treat them lovingly and whisk them in and out of the flame.

I call heart "Confetti Heart." The base is white. After I shaped and formed the heart, I dotted the heart with as many colors as I could find to create a piece that looks like confetti falling from the sky at a parade. I love the outcome on this heart. If you notice the faded background, you can see the contrast and how this heart brightens up the photo.

I always love the first snow of winter. After that, well, there's ice and places to fall, and places to slide. Then the snow gets dirty. I think you get the picture here, but the first snowfall is beautiful. This bead reminds me of that first snowfall. The big, chunky globs of snow are falling and weighing down the plants and trees. The sky seems to sparkle. This reminds me of Christmas.

Well, that's all for today. I doubt that anyone is reading this blog but me, and that's all right. I had good writing teachers all through my years of schooling. Beads are my passion. Melting glass is my passion. I'm lucky. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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