Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kiwis and Beads

Being a lampwork bead maker and participating in online forums has allowed me to "meet" many interesting people that I would have never met before if it were not for technology. Although I have never met them face to face, I have come to know them and become friends with them through this miracle called the internet. Someone, who has become a very dear friend, is someone whom I have never met face to face. We have talked to each other on the phone. We have chatted endlessly as friends do, and, yet we have never met face to face. The reality is that we may never meet face to face, and when I die, if that is the case, I will honestly say that not having met my friend can be marked as a great regret in the story of my life. However, because we have come to know each other through the miracle of technology, my dear Kiwi friend, Deb, a native to New Zealand, has convinced me that we were, indeed, separated at birth, in spite of the 14 year age difference between us. As a kiwi bead maker, she is in a sense isolated from other bead makers because there are so few in her area. She also relies on the internet for help in developing her skills. Her beads are beautiful as you can see from the photo. She has an ETSY store, and I have the link here in the side bar. Her store name is FireBirdFlameWork. She also has a fabulous blog! Be sure to visit her blog to get to know my dear Kiwi friend a little better. I can say that I am thankful for the great blessing of Deb in my life! Get to know her a bit better and be sure to check out her store. Her beads are fabulous!
So, until later, I can only wish you, the reader, the gift of such a great friendship! Thanks, Deb, to you, too! I have been blessed! The bead's name is Kiana. It's a Persian name that means the elements of nature--earth, wind, and fire. That bead is perfectly named.


Stanley1 said...

Hi Mallory

Although we have never met, or even spoken properly, I have heard your infectious laughter and been priviledged to share in some small parts of your conversations with Deb - I know that you two are indeed kindred spirits.

It is hard to explain the tears in her eyes when she read your post - it wasn't sadness... more like fellow feeling - and a renewed determination to travel.

I too am blessed to have Deb in my life, and I have been in awe of her creativity since the day we met. I have seen photos of your work and am in equal awe - it is a wonderful thing to take raw materials and turn them into beauty.

The internet is indeed a great medium for bringing together people the world over - I am so happy it has brought your beautiful heart into our small corner of it.


Hawley Studios said...

Love your Blog Rosebud!! And this bead is gorgeous!! :)