Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Spring Finally, Really Here?

When our local weatherman is right about the weather, I'm sure that there must be rejoicing in heaven. He tends to miss the mark on accurate forecasting, but I'm sure he's a very nice man. I have to admit, though, that today, he was right! The angels are singing as I write. He said that we would get into the 70's, and he was correct. We hit, 70 degrees, finally! Our weather has been running about 15 degrees BELOW normal. It was a long, very, cold winter. We needed spring, but it just hasn't come. The robins came back on time. I'm sure they were very puzzled by the cold weather and very unexpected snows that we had in April and early May. Even today, as I walked my dog, the air was still very cool, but it did warm up.

My bead making has been into the spring and summer mode now for a very long time. Today, I looked at my beads. I saw seashells. I saw flowers--lots and lots of flowers! I saw bright, springtime colors. I saw little critters that help to make up summer. I saw fish. I saw hummingbirds. I saw butterflies. There they were looking back at me from their containers. Spring and summer beads, all of them.

I know our local weatherman is predicting another day in the 70's. I sure hope so. We are really ready for this wonderful change of weather. I also hope that this means a change for the warm in days to come. Let the angels sing! I certainly hope our weather person is right for a very long time--about the warm weather, that is. I 'm going to watch him now and see what he has to say. I really hope it's warm, and I hope he's right!

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