Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear September...

Dear September,

It's only a matter of days before our trees begin to change their colors.  They seem to be slowing down, getting ready to shed their greens and change their style before winter.  If the truth be told, I do look forward to this change of seasons, of which, you September, are the harbinger.

Even when a 90 degree day happens, you will cool your nights off so that windows can be open as we sleep.  You will begin our days so that we need jackets and jeans, but as the day grows, we can change into shorts and sandals.  Then, by sunset, we need those jeans and jackets again.  September, you are fickle!

School has started, so it's time to watch out for the little ones on their way to school and coming home from school.  The days for playing outside until dark are at an end.  Dark comes so quickly now.  

Food becomes comfort food.  We start to eat delicious stews, meatloaf, chops, potatoes, root vegetables, and apples!  Delicious apples!  Home made lunches are sandwiches, chips, and apples!  Delicious apples!

Lights go on early.  Houses are full of light by 6 PM.  Houses light up early, too.  Usually by 6 AM.  Going for a walk might require a sweater or jacket on some days.  Like I said, September, you are fickle.  The autumn rains fall and cloudy days become the norm.  On warm days, we rake all the leaves that have fallen from our trees.  We trim the trees, the rose bushes, and prepare our gardens for spring.  We put away the pots that graced summer with flowers and small vegetables.  The lawn furniture gets put away.  We begin to batten down the hatches for the upcoming winter.

September, although I like you, I am not ready for you.  I see the birds beginning to fly south.  I will not miss the sounds of the tree frogs chirping incessantly in the dark.  That is something you do well, September.  You put an end to this chatter with our first frost.  Sigh.  Your coming means an end to summer, but with your passing, I am already looking forward to spring.  So, thank you, September.  Thank you!  
I'm not ready for you, and you are fickle.  It was good to see you come, but, now, you can go away. 

A fan


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Celeste Kemmerer said...

I have been a summer person for so long. However, that does not seem to be the case now. We have no air conditioning and it has been so hot (no hotter than usual) that I have had trouble sleeping. I am looking forward to being able to snuggle under the covers and sleep. But we won't get a frost for likely another month--maybe longer.