Monday, September 23, 2013

Kular - Huh?

I guess you could call it fun?
Well, at least, it's been breaking up the boredom of being sick.
I have been spending more time on Facebook, and I happened to be lucky enough to see a post by Jennifer Geldard about an Iphone app called
I love this app!
I haven't been able to use it as fully as I would like, but, when I feel better and go down to torch, 
I will use it.
So, what does Kular do?
Using the camera of your Iphone,
you aim.
Little dots of color pop up.
When you see the combination you like,
you hit the check mark,
and you have your very won color palette.
Here are some of the color palettes, I have come up with using Kular.
Most of these have come from my bedroom.

Yes, I was bored!
I do recommend this app, though!

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