Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning:: I'm going to show you some of the BEADS I found!

I'm so glad we have spring cleaning!
Did I really say that?
Yes, I have been so happy with the beads I have found.
It was great not knowing there were beads in a box, 
and there they were.
Many, many of them were from my newbie days.  
And over the next few days, I'll be showing you more of what I found, but here's one I'm really proud of because it was from my
Newbie days.
My First Fish.
This is 
She has a broken fin, so she'll never leave home.
She was a good sized fish. 
She's 32mm x 35mm
I'm surprised I  made her on my low power

Times have changed and so have I, but I still like 

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