Monday, June 23, 2014

This, That, and the Other...

I have both of these sets available 
on Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale on Facebook. 

Do you like to list?
I'm going to try something on my blog starting this Saturday.
If it is a success,
I will add a Linkz linking tool.
I will begin to post a list a week.
I will give out the topic on Mondays,
if you like,
you can post a list,
for now,
in the comments section.
If there are enough lists, listed,
I will add a Linkz linking tool.
How dose that sounds?
The topic for this week will be:
Things that Make Me Happy

Lists can be as long or as short as you like.

Feel free to publish your lists in the comments section on Saturday.
Listing is easy and fun.

 I decided that I was going to do an exercise created by 
Heather Trimlett. 
I did this once before, I as I looked at the beads I made
way back then,
I realized what a good exercise it was.

Here's the link to Heather's

It's great, if you follow the rules.
I've already changed the rules for me.

Here is the first set of beads I made.

I followed all the rules.
The only problem was that I didn't like the colors I used, 
I had to change the rules a bit,
I changed the colors.

I also left the dots raised instead of melting them in.

I'm still not happy with the colors.

Well, I'll try again.
We'll see what happens.

Have you tried Heather's 40 bead challenge.
It really does make you a better bead maker.

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