Monday, February 23, 2015

Now that Etsy has Changed It's Search Engine Again....

Here are a couple of tips for listing and for searching. 

When I am looking for an item on Etsy, I don't use categories.  Etsy seems to believe that this is how you need to search.  So, if you plan to search for something using Categories, it's going to be difficult because all the categories are lumped under very vague titles. 

If you are searching for lampwork beads under categories, you will never find the title "lampwork beads."  The last change, Etsy took away handmade.  I wonder why?

That's another topic. 

I have found, that if you are looking for something on Etsy, the best way to search is to go to the top bar and put in exactly what you are looking for when you search.

For Example:: handmade, lampwork, glass, beads  Make sure you get in all the words.  You should get to a page that has handmade, lampwork, glass, beads.

You can also search by shop name.  For Example, my shop user name is: rosebud101.  Since I use the tag, rosebud101, you should be directed to my shop.

Sellers, when you are listing, you have to use categories, as confusing as they are!  OK.  Fill in the categories, then go down to the tags.  (I can't figure out how Esty expects anyone to find anything with these new categories.) The tags will get more people to your shop than anything else.
When I list lampwork beads, here's how I will tag the item::

rosebud101, handmade, lampwork, glass, beads, supplies, supplies for jewelry, etc.  Make sure you use every tag!  This is very important. 

If you have a newsletter, send it out and let people know that Etsy has again changed their categories, and this is how to find you.  Send them a direct link to your store.  Send them words to use in searches.

This is challenging, but getting people to your store is doable.  It's just not easy.  So:  good luck!
We're all in this together.


Jane Perala said...

Thanks for the information. That will help me a lot.😊

rosebud101 said...

This is what I have found works for me. Search for your etsy shop using your shop name. That will tell you if the tags are working. Make sure you are not logged into Etsy at the time. Good luck!