Monday, February 2, 2015

R.I.P., Pat. You will not be forgotten.

That was it's name.
I found Pat in a thrift store waiting for a new
"forever" home.
The price tag on Pat was $5.
 plugged Pat into the nearby socket, and
Pat got warm, and that was great!
I brought Pat into a loving home where 
Pat a dedicated job.
Pat was a dedicated oven for polymer clay.
Pat moved between two homes. 
Pat's temperature was just a bit too low, so when I adjust Pat,
I heated Pat just a little bit more than I should.
For two + years, 
Pat was dedicated to 
"curing" polymer clay on a regular basis. 
Pat worked all day on many days, 
but Pat never tired.
Pat was dedicated to the job of curing polymer clay at the correct temperature.
Pat worked hard and tirelessly,
Pat succumbed to old age.
Pat passed peacefully on the second batch of clay that was in the oven for curing.
Pat's bell rang for the last time.
I was not able to revive Pat.
Pat died of old age and malfunction.
Rest In Peace, Pat.
You will not be forgotten.
Rest in Peace.
I laid Pat to rest in the garbage can.
Pat was covered in a shroud of plastic.
I heard a bell ring in the distance.
It rang 21 times.


Lori Anderson said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Pat was lucky to have you. RIP dear Pat.

(you're awesome)

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Every appliance should have such a good life LOL

Robbie said...

So sorry for your loss....just make sure you run out (after the snow is settled!) and get another 'Pat'...we should never be without one...the new 'Pat' will not take 'Pat's' place...well, maybe he will but Pat won't know!!