Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Learning to Live with Cats

The Cast of Characters
The Cast of Characters:

Pixie Marie:  My retired greyhound, now a therapy dog

Marvin:  The cat that's been Jenny's cat the longest

Fred:  Jenny's cat, a former street cat, and a tough cat around Pixie
Jenny is teaching him and doing a great job!  He doesn't hiss and show his claws to Pixie any more.

This combination of animals makes for interesting living. 

Pixie does whatever the 10-12 pound kitties tell her to do.
If they want her to stay where she is, she does.
If they want her to get off the couch, she does.
If they want her to move away from her food, she does.

On the other side of the pancake, because Pixie is so HUGE compared to kitties, they run very quickly when she comes their way.  
When she's laying down, Pixie sleeps through the hissing and the ignoring the cats give her.
When it's possible, Pixie will eat the kitty food left out for kitties.
For some reason, she drinks her own water and not the water for the kitties.

Now, we are all learning to live together.
In peace and tranquility.

What have we learned?
Well, as in all interesting endeavors, there are ups and downs.
Pixie feels better now because she is on Prozac and Adavan as needed.
Trust me, it helps.

Kitties are getting used to us being around.
Other than Pixie, they are marking me and my things.

We've also learned that you can't herd cats.
Walks are good for Pixie and me.
Pixie poops a lot.

Cats are cats
Dogs are dogs.
Things will work out.


Stay tuned!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

LOL - Cats run everything no matter how big the dog is. Good job Pixie Marie for adapting to your new friends. XOXOXO Miss Mallory