Monday, October 11, 2010

Treasures Found - Tesori Trovati

Inspiration is Everywhere!
Treasures Found!
Enjoy the day!

These are signature statements of Erin Prais Hintz who
also writes an inspiring blog, maintains a wonderful web site, and has amazing jewelry designs in her Etsy store.
You can find this one here.

Erin says in her Blogger profile:
Does that give you a clue as to what kind of amazing, busy, designing young woman you are about to meet?

I had the privilege of meeting Erin at this year's Bead and Button Show. As inspiring as she is in her jewelry designing and her writing, she is even more inspiring in person. I was thrilled to be able to meet and talk with her, if only for a short time! I left my meeting with Erin happy, thrilled, and inspired! She's an amazing young woman.

I found this necklace and earring set in Erin's Etsy store. You can find it here. The set is one of a kind. When I saw it, I said, "Wow!" Now, I feel inspired to make some jewelry. Huh? Who said that?

This necklace, Petit Fleurs, was featured in the Best of Stringing 2009. Isn't this amazing? It fits all the criteria. This necklace is inspiring. This necklace is
WOW! She did it again!

So, be sure to visit Erin's Etsy Store, and as Erin says, "Enjoy the Day!"

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TesoriTrovati said...

Thank you, Mallory, for this honor! I really enjoyed meeting you at the Bead & Button show and hope that we can meet again. It was altogether too brief. You are very sweet to write about me this way. You are my 'something good' today!
Enjoy the day!