Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm having more fun!

We are starting to see a bit more light here in Minnesota. The days are becoming a bit longer. It's good to know that we are on the home stretch for spring. Today, we reached a high of 42 degrees. However, tonight, our wind chills are supposed to get to -30, again. I can live without that. This teaser was nice, but I hate to see the cold move in again.

So, in spite of the cold, I am having more fun. My bead making always helps me to have fun. Now, I have to start turning these beads into some jewelry, too. I don't know what I will do, so that will be part of the fun. Most of the time, I just look at the beads to see what they want to do. Usually, I hear, "Sell me! Sell me." I'd like to do that because making beads into jewelry isn't the most fun I can have on a cold day or night.

The good news is that when it's done it's done. I am trying to subscribe to the philosophy of KISS--you know, Keep It Simple, Stupid. I like that idea. Today I bought some silk cords to turn my pendants into gorgeous pieces of wearable art. That will be fun. And as the days lengthen, I will begin to go outside. That's fun. I walk my dog. That's fun. I think it's all a matter of choice. Having fun is what we make it. I think I'm having more fun now. I know I am.

This is a new set of biagi beads that I have in my etsy store. It was so cold the day I made these. I looked out in my backyard. All I could see was snow, blowing snow, and ice. I really wanted spring that day. The result, These beautiful beads. I really like them.
This was really a fun piece of jewelry to make. I made this bracelet using vintage buttons that I actually inherited from my grandmother. I included a couple of my own beads in the mix. This was fun to make. I told you, I'm having more fun.

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Louise said...

Hi Mallory! I'm glad you are having so much fun!! :o)
Your biagi set is so pretty, I love the colours that you chose for that one. I hope things start to warm up soon for you - please don't send that cold weather any further east - I don't want it!