Monday, June 17, 2013

So, Yesterday, Gail and I were Skyping and she taught me to felt!

I've know Gail for about
8 years now.
We met in Chicago as we boarded a plane to take us on a pilgrimage to 
in Bosnia-Hersogovina
where the 
Mother of God has been appearing for 
32 years.
as hard as I tried to get away from 
Gail and Eileen,
who live in Sacramento,
they wouldn't let me get away.
I finally gave in,
and we've been friends since.
Fast forward 8 years and the advent of Skype.
We chat and pray almost daily.
Gail gave me a lesson in felting a beautiful flower via skype.
There she is beginning her lesson!

This is what our flowers looked like at this point.

It took about an hour and half, but here's the final result.
Wouldn't this make a great fascinator?
How fun is that?
God bless Skype 
God bless Gail!!!
Thank you, my dear friend!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Wow Mallory that is way way cool. I think you should make a button bead with dots on the top for a center and sew a pin back to it. They would make great brooches. Also would look great on a straw hat for the summer. Sew it to a ribbon and tie it on the hat.

rosebud101 said...

Sharon, I was thinking a lot like you did. I plan to make a couple more, maybe even to sell, so we shall see!!!