Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts on the dentist, yarns, and selling your product...HUH? and Quiz to follow. Get your pencils ready to answer the questions!!!

The dentist
Oh, yes, I visited the dentist yesterday.  That was me after he told me about the work he feels needs to be done--in August--in 3 weeks.  I half jokingly asked him if should mortgage my house.  He just smiled and said, "If you think you should."  Ouch!  Don't get me wrong.  He's good at what he does, and he looks like Jack Nickloson--a lot!!!  That does make me a bit nervous when he starts to drill.  We'll see what the estimated bill is going to be.  My teeth might just have to wait a bit, at least all of the work he wants to do.  Ouch!!!! 


I have way too much in the way of yarns.  I'm working on ways to incorporate them into what I do.  Scarves are good.  Weaving them into jewelry is good.  Well, we shall see.  The reason I mention yarn is because I have started to haunt a local yarn shop called Mary Lou's.  I love this place.  It's dangerous for me to go there.  I'd willingly spend more on yarn than I would on my teeth!!!  I am also working with the owner to sell on consignment.  That's the next topic.

Selling Your Product 

Etsy has been devastatingly slow this month.  I think I've had 3 sales?  I will probably owe Etsy more money this month than I made in sales.  I'm looking into consignment now.  I've only sold consignment once before, and it took me over a year to be paid.  The owner went out of business, then opened another store in another town.  When I found that out, I went into the store and let it be known I was not happy.  I felt then, and I feel now, that if you someone can open another store, the monies that were owed to consignment sellers should be the first paid.  After this incident, I found a check in the mail with a nasty note a few days later.  I was satisfied.  This was in June.  That December, I was in a show in the same town.  I spoke to some of the vendors who had consignments in the same store.  They had not yet been paid yet.  This has made me very leary of consignment selling, but I do feel good about the young woman who runs the store.  We are currently negotiating terms, but I think it will be good.  I really do.  Hopefully, business will improve overall.

So, now for the quiz:

How do you feel about the dentist?
Have you ever sold consignment?
Has this been a successful venture for you?
Do tell!!!

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