Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear December,

You're the last month of the year, and I am stunned by how quickly 2013 flew by.  I've heard that as we age, time tends to move faster each year that we live.  I'm beginning to unerstand what people mean.  

December, you are a unique month.  We find ourselves enveloped in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas of spending and buying.  We might look forward to Christmas until we realize that we have been hearing our beloved Christmas Carols in the stores since June.  We also find that with the crowds in stores comes the increased risks of colds and flu.  Oh, my, you are such a bitter sweet month, December.

December, our weather is naturally cold here.  If the temperatures are not cold enough, the moisture on our streets is ice.  If the air is laden with moisture and the air is cold enough, then we get snow.  Both carry their risks when we venture out.  I'm now at the age where I don't have to go out in bad weather, so when I choose to stay home, I feel free to light a fire, crawl under a blanket and read a good book.

Christmas is celebrated this month, December.  I know not everyone feels this way, but I do enjoy Christmas.  I look forward to the kids coming home, eating good food, playing games, and singing.  I love to see the eye rolls as the kids hear me sing.  I love to see the kids enjoy each other as adults.  It makes me happy.   I love Christmas, too, December because it is a sacred holiday.  You are blessed to honor the new born King in your month.  

December, did you know that you are sign of hope?  The winter solstice happens before Christmas.  The winter solstice means the light of day will start growing longer and the dark of night will start growing shorter.  I love this about you, December.  

Well, December, it's time to go out in your cold, crisp air.  I heard it's going to snow tonight.  The air smells of moisture.  I love it and I dread it.  You are bittersweet.  So, until next year, December, I will enjoy whatever you bring.  Look, it is snowing!  Did I just hear, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"  I heard a bell ring.  Did an angel earn it's wings?  December, I'm smiling.  Until next year...

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TesoriTrovati said...

What a beautiful and stirring tribute to the month, Miss Mallory. Thank you! Enjoy the day. (But I suspect you already are ;-) Erin