Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ten Things to Do the Day After Christmas

1) If you still have family with you, enjoy them!

2) If the family has gone home, enjoy yourself!

3) Stay away from the mall.  There's still time to exchange the gift you don't like.  There's still plenty of time to shop the sales.  Stay away from the mall.

4) Sit back with a glass of wine.  Relax.

5) Take time to read that good book you've been waiting to read.

6) Check the meeting locations and rates for Weight Watchers.  Look for the free sign up, but don't sign up until the Christmas goodies are gone.

7) Eat some leftovers.

8) Look at all the photos you took for Christmas or pull out the albums and enjoy the memories.

9) Call a friend and make a date to meet for lunch next week.

10) Hand write a letter to someone you love. Put a stamp on it, and mail that letter today.

Most importantly:  Take care of yourself.  You deserve it!