Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm Cleaning House and Finding some Long Lost Treasures that I Thought Were Worthless, but Now I Realize, They were Better than I Thought.

Some of my Early Work

Not bad for a Newbie, but today, my vessels are much better.
I like the concepts, though, in these vessels.
I'll have to try to make them again.

I unearthed these treasures!
I love so many of them.
They aren't bad in terms of construction.
Some are a little wonky, but that's okay.
I love them!

The little cups in here aren't very good, but I do like the hearts.  Some of them are very well made.

I'm going to list some of these beads. 
I really like them!!!

I guess this is a reason to look forward to cleaning!

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CraftyHope said...

Oh, I think they are great! Doesn't cleaning up and finding those old bits feel great? It is hard to part with some of those early pieces though. I just went through the same thing and stashed away my old attempts for me to find again another time. ha!