Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beads! Beads! and more beads!

Beads! Beads! and more beads! There are beads all over my house. I find them in the chair. I find them everywhere! Beads! Beads! and more beads!
Okay, so that's a silly little poem, but it's true. There are beads all over my house. Storage is quite a problem at times. If I leave my beads to close to the edge of something, my dog tries to eat them. If I move them to another area, I have to find room to house them. If I fill up an area, I have to find a new one. I have beads in plastic containers. I have beads in medicine bottles. I have beads on towels in the bathroom. I have beads on paper on my desks. Yes, I said, desks. I have beads on my television. I have beads on the floor. I have beads in my closet. I have beads all over.
Now, you are probably thinking, she doesn't clean up often, does she? I do, but those beads just keep reproducing and reproducing. I love them dearly, but I think I need a bigger house. I clean up my beads by sending the vast majority to the childrens' hospitals in the Twin Cities. I also send them to Beads of Courage. I take part in exchanges with people around the world. I love these exchanges! These clean me out, but when I am not looking, like little rabbits, these beads continue to reproduce. I just need more room.
The beads I'll show you today are beads that I have made. In future posts, but I'm not sure when, I will be featuring other wonderful artists that I know. So, here's the first of my beads that you'll see. They will be back from time to time.

This is one of my favorite hearts. I made it using a transparent pink with rose frit. It is so pretty in person. Right now, I have it featured in my etsy store. I love it!

I've been on a heart kick lately. This heart, though not one of my favorites, is a favorite of a lot of people. It is also featured in my etsy store.

These are some of my favorites, too. They are made with mandrels that are 3/16". That means they will fit a bigger chain or bracelet such as the Pandora style or even a kumihimo braid. They are meant for immediate use. The base color is cobalt blue. I've accented these beads with white and clear. Love them. These are featured this week on ebay.
I do realize that I have to resize my photos. I thought I had done that enough. I guess not. They need to be smaller. I'll keep working on this, so, until next time. Look for beads around your house. I'd write more, but it's almost time for Dr. Phil.

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