Friday, November 23, 2007

I will never do it again!

Today, like a fool, I went shopping. It's the day after Thanksgiving. I will never do it again! I waited until I thought the early shoppers would have cleared out. I went to the mall around 11AM. The parking was easy to find. Then, I went into the mall. Oh, my goodness! I will never do this again. No one was looking where they were going. Carts were stopped at Target because people would leave them in the aisles, look for their things, and block the way. Babies and young children were crying. I wanted to cry. Cell phones were blazing. I heard one man say, "Well, I'm getting it anyway. I don't care." Lines were long. No one looked behind them. No one looked ahead of them. No one looked around them. And there were so many crabby people who had been up since the early hours shopping.
I will never do this again. With so many online opportunities available, even now, I will use them. If you have never visited, you should. This site is full of items, mostly all handmade, for sale. If you can't find what you want at etsy, I would be shocked. I have a small store there. I sell beads and jewelry. My etsy address is: Feel free to visit. You will be able to see some of my beads and jewelry there. In my next post, I will share some photos of my beads. No matter what, I will never shop the day after Thanksgiving again.


Louise said...

Oh I empathise TOTALLY with your shopping experience! A couple of years back we'd been in one of the big box stores Christmas Shopping and when I came out I almost burst into tears. It was all just too much. The very worst of human nature. Etsy is a much better alternative. DH was watching a Canadian Tire ad on TV where they were listing all their great Christmas Sales over a musical background. He said he realised the background music was a religious Christmas Carol and thought how that one ad really summed up what Christmas has become. This is most definitely not my favourite time of year!

Maggie said...

I rarely go into any store after Thanksgiving. Too many unhappy people when it is supposed to be a time of joy. Parking lots are bad enough!

I've already done some shopping on Etsy and Amazon and Pottery Barn and Williams Sonama... all online.