Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just got back from Thanksgiving Dinner

As always, Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! Since we moved to southern Minnesota almost 20 years ago, we have gotten together with friends on this holiday. We have seen our children grow up. Some are married. Some are single. Some have been both and are now divorced. One is remarried and expecting another child. Some of our children have children of their own. Our tradition has been to gather in the home of one of our friends, or when we can, to host Thanksgiving dinner. We eat. We talk. Then we come home to sleep or watch TV. It's a sharing of time with those we care about where we talk about the past and future. We laugh. We cry. We remember. Then we move on. We gain weight. We loose weight. We maintain.
The children's table has always been that, the place where the children can be together for a short while. Now, our adult children sit in that place of honor with the little children. Today, I was asked to leave my place because I accidentally sat with the "young 'uns". I left to join the "adults" in our own section of the table. No one talked about beads or making them. I am the only bead maker in the group, but my friends wear what I have made for them. They all rejoiced with me over my first e-Bay sale.
We laughed. We talked. We adults remembered. Now, my children and I are home. My son is watching TV. My daughter is playing with her cats. Tonight, she goes home. Saturday, my son goes home. Thanksgiving will be over. I'll be back to making my beads. Maybe, there will be another sale. Maybe not.
Now, we just wait for Christmas. Oh, I forgot to say, it snowed today.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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