Saturday, April 12, 2008

Isn't technology great?

I learned something new today! I learned that I can actually email photos that are taken with my camera. I'm actually emailing them! Wow! I couldn't believe it! So, I spent a bit of time emailing photos to my children that are in my phone. I thought that was great!

Last week I learned that you can give voice commands to your cell phone, and it will call the person you asked it to call. Wow! Was I impressed with that! I used my little earpiece, and I gave it a command. Call Anna. It said, "Did you say call Amanda?" "No," I said, "Call Anna." It said, "Did you say call Nick?" "No," I said, "Call Anna." "Did you say call JoAnn?" "No," I said, and before I could finish I was rudely interrupted, "Sorry, there are no matches." So, I tried, again. I don't know what went right that time, but I called Anna. It only took 3 times to match her name, but it worked!

Now, I have a friend in New Zealand, whom I have never met face to face, who also makes beads. (I'll bet you were wondering how I would get beads into this story!) Due to the advances of technology and a website where you can channel your international calls, we were able to speak for 3 hours ! Imagine our surprise when we both saw the time! The best part of all this is that it was free! We were both using our computers! Technology is great!

If you have a computer and a service provider, you can send messages around the world for free. You can send photos. You can send ideas. You can even send pictures of beads. (Another bead entry.)

More technology in use. I have an online internet store on I list and sell beads and jewelry. Remember the other day when I talked about a widget? Well, that's how I can link you to my store. Here's another way. Just click on this link.

That link should take you directly to my store. If it doesn't you can copy and paste the address in your browser. Now, I'm going to add a widget to this blog. Let's see if technology works again.

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It worked! Isn't technology great?

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