Friday, April 11, 2008

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub? Is that something you use for bead making? Actually, sugar scrub is something I make to relieve my skin of dead cells. This concoction makes my skin smoother and helps to moisturize my skin. When I want to celebrate my life with a spa night, I make up some sugar scrub and work my dry hands (a result of torching and not enough lotion) or feet. Can't blame torching on that one. I even use it to give myself a mini facial. The nice thing about sugar scrub is that you can make it yourself in either a very small quantity, for a quick facial scrub or for a luxurious bath when you can attack all of that dead skin. The recipe is easy enough. I found it someplace on the net, but I don't remember where. I can't give credit to the author of this recipe.
All you need to do is to mix 2 parts sugar to one part extra virgin olive oil, or as Rachel Ray says, EVOO. Today, I mixed 1 cup of sugar to 1/2 cup EVOO. That makes a good amount that will last me for while. I used it on my hands. I used it on my face. I rinsed with warm water. Oh, my skin is so soft, and I do feel pampered.
Yesterday, I put about 1 Tablespoon of sugar in my hand and mixed it with about 1 1/2 teaspoons of EVOO. I used it on my hands when I finished torching. I rinsed well, and slathered on some rich goat's milk lotion. Oh, my, that was nice.
Once in a while, on or off the job, and making beads is my job now, we need a bit of pampering and luxury. My homemade sugar scrub fits the bill. If I want a little bit of scent, I add a drop or two of essential oils. That puts me into high heaven. I relax, and then I can go back to the torch to make more beads. Now, do you see? Good use of sugar scrub makes me a better bead maker. All right, if you don't believe that, try it yourself. Ummmmm! It's great!

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