Monday, June 23, 2008

I want today to stay!

I'm sitting outside on this wonderful day in Minnesota. I can't say that all days are wonderful days in Minnesota. There are so many bitter cold days, and this is what I tend to remember. I remember more days full of ice, show, and wind than I care to contain in my brain. I remember days of looking across the street and not being able to see my neighbor's house because there was so much snow blowing. In the spring and summer, I remember thunderstorms so strong, that they actually become frightening. I remember the sirens going off to let us know that somehwere within five miles of us, a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted either by doplar
radar, law enforcement, or a trained weather spotter. I remember going to my hairdresser's shop, looking outside of her window, and seeing a large wall cloud with rotation. Through all this, though, we have been lucky. We have not been involved in a tornado, knock on wood. Nor has our home been damaged by straight line winds. No, thank God, the worst that could happen with weather, hasn't. Today, as these memories come back, and I find myself clinging to this day, I only know I want today to stay. The humidity is low. The breezes are gentle. The clouds are soft and whispy. I am grateful for today, and I want today to stay!


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angelinabeadalina said...

I hope your day seems practically endless! We've been having some pretty weather but the heat and humidity are apparently about to return. The whole time I was reading your entry, I was empathizing, even though we don't get as much snow down here in the middle of the country (southern Illinois)! Sweet, wispy breezes to ya!