Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look what someone did with my bead!

I was so excited to receive the convo (ETSY term for email) from Robyn of Sidney Austin Designs! She wrote me to tell me that she had made a bracelet using a bead she had bought from my ETSY store. She sent me a photo of the bracelet she made! Oh, my goodness! I was absolutely thrilled! This was the very first time anyone had sent me a photo of what they did with a bead they had purchased from me. I could hardly believe my eyes! What a gorgeous and dramatic bracelet Robyn had made with my Not A Shell Bead! Absolutely stunning! Robyn is obviously a very talented designer. (There is a link ot her ETSY store and to her Flickr page in the sidebar.) Please take a look at her work! It is awesome! I am thrilled with the result of her vision in design. Wow! That bracelet is beautiful!

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CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Beautiful, Mallory! She did a lovely job w/ your fabulous bead!!