Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Was Going to Blog About This Today, But Things Changed Very Quickly

I was undecided about what I was going to blog about today, then I thought of the autumn flowers I have growing in my backyard. I also wanted to bring beads back into my blog, and I knew I had beads that would fit right in with the flowers (weeds) growing in my back yard.

Here are some Brown Eyed Susans growing in my back yard

Here's the dreaded Ragweed plant. I actually love to see it. It's so pretty.

Here are the beads I was going to tie in with the free growing plants (weeds).

That being said, I was on my way down to the backyard to take some pictures of these plants. When I got to the basement, I happened to look though the windows in the basement. I am so glad I looked rather than just racing out the door to take these photos. I honestly thought I would just see the free growing plants (weeds) in my back yard. Instead, look what I saw. I was truly amazed! Remember, I took these from a window. I didn't want to frighten my guests!

I don't know what a family of wild turkeys is called, but I had a family come to visit. They came for a snack.

I think this was the mama and the papa of the family.

Here's a family photo. They were hard to get to pose!

One of the young 'uns is hiding in the Brown Eyed Susans watched over by Dad, I think.

Here they are, right before they all flew over the fence and into the ravine. I tried to call them back. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy as I stayed outside gobbling. They never came back, but I was so surprised by my unexpected company!


angelinabeadalina said...

Now that is too cool! I can't believe the whole family ventured right into your backyard...they must have sensed the only thing that would "shoot" them would be a camera! Do you think they'll come back?

rosebud101 said...

Ang,I think they've been there before because I see Spike sniffing and sniffing on some days. I've also seen another mama and baby, and that mama was huge! I mean she was a big turkey! I was afraid of her she was so big! It's fun to have these great surprises right under your nose!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Ah, the dreaded Turkey poop! Yuck! I love to see them but they sure are dorky birds. We have lots of flocks up here in Michigan and I love to see them fly (or, sorta fly). When my younger son first learned to drive he once hit some of them. He came in to the house all upset because he had this accident and hurt the birds. He kept muttering, "I thought they could fly." He wasn't to "nature informed" at the time. It was awful, all the way around. How do you feel about bear? We have 3 of them roaming around the neighborhood and loving the bird food. Yikes, I'm a little afraid to pull into the driveway in the dark....want one? I have extra.

Deb said...

How cool! They must like the look of your yard Mallory :o)