Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rib Fest Was Soooooo Good!

There are certain rituals in the lives of every city and town that would be sorely missed if they did not happen. Along with the start of training camp for the Minnesota Vikings, the small town fairs, and other local events, Rib Fest has become part of the ritual of the hottest month of the summer and another signal of fall ready to come. Yesterday, I joined friends in a celebration of Rib Fest. For once, we avoided the crowds by going at off hours. What was even better, was that, we discovered that, in the off hours, there is no entry fee for Rib Fest.
Clearly, there were no lines and admission was free. This celebration of food is held in the downtown area. I am clearaly envious of all those people who live and work down there. The smell from the ribs was overpowering. I had to check my face to be sure I wasn't drooling from the smell as I waited in the outdoor eating area for my friends. Clearly, at this point, I was in rib heaven.
When my friends arrived, it was a matter of decision time. Since I had been there the longest, I had asked several people which ribber had the best ribs. I seemed to get the same answer: Wellingham's. So we went there. We were not disappointed. The ribs meat, literally, fell off the bone. The flavor was extraordinary. Even better, I had left overs for supper. Oh, my, rib heaven!

Eventually, I will get back to beads. Right now, summer is the most wonderful distraction of the year. Sure it's hot and it's humid, but it's summer! All too soon, we will be knee deep in snow and very, very cold. I choose not to think of that right now, although, today, when I was coming up the hill, I noticed that one of the sumac's had some yellow leaves. Sumacs are usually the first to indicate that they need the rest of autumn and winter. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I simply want to enjoy the rest of the warm days.


angelinabeadalina said...

Wellingham's must've been delicious. Mmmmm, what a wonderful dilemma, having to choose which ribs to eat!

Maggie said...

I haven't been a meat eater in 12 years, but you have my mouth watering for ribs. I do buy soy ribs occasionally. LOL!