Monday, August 25, 2008

All You Creatures Great and Small in Bittersweet

Today was a bitter sweet day. For those of you who know me, you know my sadness today. I won't go into it. It's just there, and always will be. The sweetest part of my day was the realization that teacher workshops began today in our school district, and I didn't have to go! Retirement is wonderful! At last, I am in my bed listening to something that will cease in a few short weeks. The sounds I am hearing are those of tree frogs as they call out in the night to their mates or prospective mates. The sound is endless, only interrupted by the sound of the distant train whistle and the whir of the cars going up and down the hill behind us. If today could be described in terms of summer, this was a perfect summer day, and this evening is a perfect summer night. Soon the little creatures I hear now will be silent, and the weather will get cold. The cycles continue. For now, these little tree frogs sing out their joy at their lives, limited as they are, and live intensely in the moment. I used to think that a dragonfly only lived 24 hours. I've now found out that they don't. Most live 3-6 months. I think that's much better. They are fascinating creatures. They, also, live intensely in the moment. Dragonflies fly and flutter moving from one place to another, hovering in another place, and then they are off where ever they go. Creatures live in the moment, doing what they are meant to do. They live their lives to the fullest. Most have rather short lives, a few have very long lives. The cicada is an example of a long lived creature. The ones who have come out of the ground this summer were hatched long ago. Their human counterparts have mostly died. These little creatures are finally in their old age! Enough now of these ramblings. I'm ready for bed, but I wanted to show you this creature I formed from soft glass. I think it's a boy, but I'm not sure. I only know it's a creature with no name. In spite of no name, I do like this creature, too.


angelinabeadalina said...

Hugs, Mallory. Bittersweet seems to require some hugs and a few quiet thoughts, no matter what brings it lots of hugs.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

((((((Hugs)))))), and big ones for you Mallory. Sometime we'll share some fall reflections.