Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Gave Blood Today!

The American Red Cross Blood Mobile came to Holy Rosary Church today seeking blood donations. I had signed up for an appointment 8 weeks ago, and today, I came to give blood. I was 2 hours late, but they were all right with me being late. They just said, "Go sit there and wait." I waited until I was called into a small, makeshift office where my blood pressure was tested, my temperature was taken, my pulse was counted, and my hemoglobin level was checked. I made the counts on everything. So I filled out a question-aire on a computer. When that was completed, I was sent to a table to lay down and wait. You can see that I had a good view of the treats that awaited me when I was finished!

Although I didn't learn his name, the young tech who worked with me was very kind and very capable. He measured and marked my skin very carefully. In the end, that did help.

After he found my vein, he asked me if I was allergic to Iodine. I'm not, so he proceeded to clean the area where he would insert the needle in my vein. He did a lot of cleaning with the iodine.

He inserted the needle when my arm was dry and I began to donate my blood. Can you see the red ball in my hand? They ask you to roll it gently in your hand to help the flow of blood. In truth, I didn't even feel the needle go into my vein. Sometimes, I do! The last time I gave blood, the tech was getting ready to insert the needle when someone came in asking if anyone in the room had a certain type of car with a Wisconsin license plate. My tech said that she did. The gentleman told her that her car had just been hit. I was hoping she'd go and check the damage, but she chose to stay and finish her job with me. OUCH! That needle hurt! This time, I felt no pain at all! He was good.

My technician was a very nice young man. He even took a picture of me as the blood was flowing into the bag. This experience was a good one. I'll be donating again in October!


Maggie said...

Think I am going to change your status from FP to saint! How can you be so cheerful while your blood is draining? Admire people who give.

Val Cox said...

wow, good for you! I love the part in your story about the tech getting the bad news of her car, but she first wants to finish her job of finding your vein. That was funny. Glad it went better this time!

Deb said...

Oh well done Ms M :o) You're a sweetheart! I have to admit I just don't understand people who are needle phobic....but then I don't understand people who are reptile, spider, wild animal....bird or any which phobic either. Guess I'm just weird....perhaps they wouldn't want my blood anyway - lol! Used to give blood years ago - now there's a bigger call here for plasma.

Deb said...

Oh well done Ms M. You're such a sweetheart to donate blood!
I just don't understand people that are needle phobic, but then again I don't get phobias about reptiles, spiders, wild animals or such either - so maybe I am just weird...
that said both my daughters are scared stupid about almost everything that I'm!