Thursday, August 14, 2008

What has Spike done now?

That's what my kids and friends ask me about my dog. Everyday, with him, is a new day with many new experiences. I've told you how he loves to sit out by HIS tree. He really does love it and claims it as his own. I think, more than anything else, Spike loves his tree. When he is sitting out there, and I am in the garage working on my computer, I will give him a special treat. When he sees his treat, his eyes grow wide in anticipation, a little bit of drool begins to form around his mouth, and Spike goes down into his "Good Boy" position. (Essentially, good boy to Spike means sitting down and being still and quite for about 10 seconds. ) I always insist that Spike do "nice" when he takes his treat from his hand. If I don't, I fear for my hand. Spike does "nice," and very gently takes his treat from my hand. After that, I have assumed that he eats the treat and enjoys it. I did assume that until I saw this. Like I said, everyday is a new experience with Spike. Look at the picture and see what Spike does with his treats. Every day is truly a gift with that dog.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Spike, boy, ya gotta hide 'em better than that or some other dog is gonna find your treats :) I can just see that "I'm being a good dog. I want the treat. Gimme the treat. Wait, I'm being a good dog, yeah" bounce while he's waiting to get his treats!

Great job on the giving blood pics and details, too, Mallory. I've got to do that again. I'm scared to death of needles, but if you get someone good, you don't even feel it! Thanks for showing it like it is-- that's the way to encourage others and show them it's not hard to donate.