Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Exchange on Lampworketc

I decided to participate in the You Pick 9 lampwork bead exchange on Lampworketc.
Again, what we each must do is submit a photo to provide inspiration for our beads.
Each participant in our group has submitted a photo. 
I wanted to show you my favorite bead so far.
This is the photo that was submitted.

Isn't this cute?

Now, so far, this is my favorite bead.
I also think it will make a great bead for Beads of Courage.

Here's the bead.

I think this puppy is cute!!

Now, this one...
I love the photo, but I cannot make a bead I like to go with it.
This is my 5th attempt at a bead.
I still don't like it.

Any suggestions?
I don't know.
the exchange is fun and does awaken even the groggiest muse!
The bead for this photo will come.
It might be the last one I make for the exchange, but it will come.


A Half-Baked Notion said...

That pink puppy is so cute, Mallory! Your other picture posed more of a challenge, didn't it? Did you try drawing from the texture in the door, and less from the jumble of colours? Don't know if this is helpful... I'm quite unschooled in the lampworking process, my medium is polymer clay. Not knowing what your path has been with your previous attempts, I may be repeating an approach you've already considered.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

You might like your door bead if your contrast is greater. I'd punch up the door color--maybe transparent violet over lapis and brighten the yellow to pastel yellow or medium lemon. IDK, just a thought.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

Well, I DID post a comment...I'll try again. Maybe you would like your door bead better if the contrast was greater. I'd try a more purple blue--maybe layer transparent violet over the lapis and punch the yellow up to either pastel yellow or medium lemon yellow.