Saturday, August 18, 2012

Candy Corn for Beads of Courage

Looks like I'll be sending in my beads for
sooner than I had planned. 
After reading Marcy Lamberson's blog yesterday,
I'll be sending off a box on Monday.  
Click HERE to read Marcy's post.
I thought these beads would be going off in September, in time for Halloween.
Instead, they will be boxed up on Sunday scheduled to leave Monday for 
Beads of Courage.
 First, there's the traditional candy corn.

Ready for some candy corn bones?

How about a piece of candy corn pie?
I do have more beads than these to send off.  I just don't have near the number I usually send. 
I do know it will help.
If you are a bead maker, check out the BOC 
read Marcy's blog.
Both of these resources will explain so much to you about the great need for

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