Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do you know what today, actually, tonight is?

I'm sure you recognize this vegetable, but if you don't, it's a huge zucchini!  For those of you with gardens, you know that this veggie is ready to harvest.  If you have zucchini, you know how many can be grown from a single plant.  This is the time of year, friends bring zucchini into work and say, "Take as many as you want."  Usually, when you do this the first time, the zucchini is all gone.  The next time you do this, coworkers begin to look at you with a bit of irritation.  The third time you do this, well, let's just say, very few of your coworkers will meet your eyes.  So, what's a person to do?  Well, tonight is, officially, Sneak some zucchini Onto Your neighbor's porch night.  If you're quiet, and do this quickly, they will never know where the bumper harvest of zucchini came from.  Simply wait until their lights go out, then tip toe over, and lay a box of zucchini on their porch, and run!!  No one will know it's you. 
The only problem is that by the time you get home, you might find an even bigger box of zucchini on your porch than the one you took to your neighbor's house.  Have fun tonight!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

: - ) LOL- in this state with the walker I bet I'd get caught.

rosebud101 said...

I only wish someone had given me zucchini. Wait, that could be a curse!! Oh, no! I'll probably find a barrel full now at my door.

Dragonfly Close said...

ROFLOL Omgosh, only a true gardener would be able to understand this! You really crack me up! Unfortunately we never get to porch phase, as we always have powdery mildew to contend with. Do you have the chocolate zucchini cake recipe, and the one that's sort of like a zucchini pancake? Those are primo for using up that zucchini.