Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Toggles

I've reached an age where I no longer use 
lobster clasps or hooks on my jewelry.
I only use 
toggle clasps 
because of their ease of use.
Sometimes, when I make a piece of jewelry,
I realize 
I don't have a toggle to use.
I have resorted to making my own.
Here are some ideas that can help you.
They are easy to make and can lead you to much more creativity in your work.

I have made toggles using a big hole bead and 16 gauge wire for the post.

I have taken a bit of chain.  Removed one link.  Made a post.
See?  A toggle!
 You can take a washer and use that for the toggle.
Add a piece of 16-18 gauge copper wire for the post,
and you have a 

You can take a washer,
stamp it,
texture it,
Add 16-18 gauge wire for a post, 
and you have, 
A toggle.
Just a caution,
you can also use steel washers, but just know that you will probably wear yourself out trying to texture and/or stamp a steel washer.
My suggestion to you would be to add a patina to it,
seal the patina,
and use a silver plated wire for the post.

You can use a simple shape and make your own toggle. 


You can buy one from me!!!
to see this owl toggle!!!

I hope this post has given you some good ideas to propel you into using something ordinary and turning it into something


Christine said...

Love all of these ideas!! Making toggles was on my "learn-to-do" list ~ Thanks!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful toggles. There is nothing that says handmade better than a toggle to match the other beautiful work.