Friday, March 1, 2013

The Challenge of Music - Ave Maria

I have always been moved by the Ave Maria written by Franz Schubert in 1825 when he was only 28 years old. 
Revered through the ages as a song of devotion to the
Mother of God,
Schubert wrote the music to frame the words of 
Sir Walter Scott's narrative poem
The Lady of the Lake.  
Originally, the words of this hymn were different than what we know today.
They were a hymn to the Virgin,
but the began with the words,
"Ave Maria, Maiden Mild."
when words are sung,
the words are that of the
Hail Mary,
a prayer used in the Catholic Church to honor the 
Mary,  Mother of God.
You can find more information 
Now, the challenge of this blog hop was to find and be inspired by an instrumental song.
I didn't cheat.
I searched and searched, but I finally found an instrumental version of the Ave Maria
that I liked.
This song is an instrumental performed by
I love the guitar!
I had not heard the
Ave Maria
played using a guitar.
I hope you like this as much as I do.
Before you listen, though,
let me explain my piece.
It is a mixed media piece 
polymer clay, 
silk flowers.
To me,
the Mother of God is
Love and Grace and Deep Love of God.
I hope I was able to convey this in my work.

Thank you, Erin, for hosting this blog hop.
Now, here's a list of the other participants in this blog hop.
Get going.
You're going to see some wonderful works of art!
I can't seem to get the links to work, so
I'm going to link you to Erin's blog where she will have working links to all the bloggers in the hop.
Edited to add,
Thank you Sharon Driscoll.
I copied your links and they worked!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Ooooo, first one to comment! Mallory what a perfect piece for you to choose. The guitar piece is awesome and I've never heard the song played on guitar before.

Your work does it justice - it conveys an overwhelming sense of peace and love. The colors are lush without being in your face and look - well - heavenly. With the background being wavey, as life can be, I got the feeling that the pieces on the surface of that enveloped us in their safety.

Nicely done.

Alicia said...

Beautiful interpretation of timeless music! I love your mixed media collage, it is serene, it brings peace and light to mind, just as the prayer does.

Amy said...

I am in awe! This is gorgeous. Ave Maria gets me every time...your mixed media piece is a lovely interpretation of this music!

Mary K. McGraw said...

I liked the version of Ave Maria and your mixed media creation is lovely.

Designed by Vera said...

Ahhh, yes Ave Maria is a wonderful piece! I have heard it many times but never on the guitar. Cool! May have to book mark it! Great piece. I can see your inspiration very clearly...Good job!

Maneki said...

Very nice and unusual version of the piece you found there. Your interpretation of Ave Maria is likewise very nice and includes the serenity of the music as well as the emotions connected to the tune and Maria herself.

Monique said...

Oooh, that OldGuitarMonkey sure has a nice touch, Mallory! This beautiful composition is so popular, even with non-believers. It is wonderful to hear it with fresh ears, and to see it rendered in gentle colours, quiet reverence and obvious love in your lovely mixed media creation. Thank you for sharing your vision!

Molly Alexander said...

What a beautiful piece Mallory. Ave Maria is one of my very favorites, and I love the guitar version. Well done!

:) Molly

Michelle Mach said...

Beautiful music! I love that this blog hop is reminding me of music I love, but had forgotten about. Your mixed media piece is lovely.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love your mixed media piece and I think it captures the song perfectly!

EmandaJ said...

How peaceful and serene. Beautiful.

A Polymer Penchant said...

A beautiful contemplative piece. I don't think I've heard in on guitar before, so fun to hear a fresh take on such a classic

kmorgan said...

The guitar music is beautiful. You did a great job depicting the music & I love the mixed media! Fabulous job!

Lola said...

A beautiful, moving song ... and your interpreation is stunning!

TesoriTrovati said...

What a beautiful rendition of this song! I have heard many versions of this, and I have not heard on that feels as personal as this one. I can see the beautiful inspiration of this music, and your strong faith, in this mixed media artwork, the colors, the textures, the meanings. I am so glad that you could play along with me on this Challenge, Miss Mallory! Enjoy the day. Erin