Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Yogurt to Polymer Clay - Huh?

How's that for a Segue-way?
No, I'm not mixing polymer clay and yogurt,
but I am trying new things in my polymer clay journey.
Here's the latest on that.
I made some pots.
They aren't that good, but I have learned lessons from this journey.

It all started with this one.
I had made a cane called a 
Strobel Cane.
I had way too much left over, so I needed to do something with it.


I love it when objects jump out at me after the use of the abstract.
See the little red bird?
I think I sanded this a little bit too much,
but that's okay, I'll use it.

More use of left over canes.
I think, again, I sanded a bit too much.
I've got to ease up on that sanding, but I like this one. 
It's abstract, but colorful.

 Wait, where'd this one come from?
Well, you can see there was a little bit of color there.
Lesson learned,
do not use red until you are 
sure there is no more red, 

The journey is on going!!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

I like the first one - cool technique and it would make a great cab if you were to make cabs out of them. Then they could be wire wrapped too. Or set. If you worked your pots maybe over dollar store glass candle lights you could use them for devotional candles and I bet they'd just glow. You know me - always thinking of lighting a candle.

PS - Thank You for sending Lisa my's going to work out perfectly.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I was hoping you had discovered how to make PC from yogurt, Mallory... Keep moving ahead on your journey, and make sure to save all those experiments along the way!