Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Make Yogurt - Easy Peasy!!!

Since I have become a true Weight Watcher again,
I have also become a real
Susie Homemaker!
Well, not really, but close!
Now, I am making and absolutely 
my homemade yogurt.
I love this stuff, and this comes from someone who used to tell her kids that she was 
to milk so she couldn't drink the white stuff.
(I don't like milk.)
The truth is out!!
However, I do love this yogurt.
It takes about 15 minutes to make.
It's the real stuff.
You can turn it into Greek Yogurt so easily.
Here's what I do.
I usually start about 9 at night.
The yogurt is ready in the morning when I do this!
 I begin by warming up my crockpot.
I don't cook the yogurt in here, I just put the yogurt in here to "brew."

The crock warms up in about 10 minutes.

Next, I pour about 2 quarts of milk into a glass container.
I put the cold milk in the microwave to warm up.
In my microwave, it takes about 7-8 minutes to warm up to the right temperature,
however, I begin by warming up the milk for 5 minutes.
THIS IS CRITICAL to the YOGURT making process.
When I take the warmed milk out of the microwave,
I use a 
to test the temperature of the milk.
The ideal temperature to add the yogurt starter is between
102 - 105 degrees F.
This is the temperature range where the yogurt begins to grow.
At a lower temperature,
the culture might not grow.
At a higher temperature,
I can assure you, the culture will be killed.
(Ask me how I know.)

When the milk is heated, 
I add my culture.
I bought my initial culture at a health foods store.
It was a dehydrated culture.
You can use yogurt, but the yogurt needs to be very fresh, and the yogurt needs to have live cultures in it, 
and not just cultured milk.
This is also very important.
I stir in my culture.
I use about a 1/4 cup of starter.
That seems to do a very good job for my yogurt.

Then, I UNPLUG my crockpot.
This is a critical step!!!
I pour my milk into the crockpot.
I put on the cover,
then I cover the crockpot with a couple of towels to keep the temperature as constant as possible. 
In the morning, I uncover the crockpot,
and, guess what?
I have made yogurt.

Now, the first batch I make usually is pretty soupy.  It gets thicker as you brew more.
So, to turn this yogurt into Greek yogurt,
all you need to do is to use a fine strainer.
Gently pour the yogurt into the strainer an let the whey drain.
I guess there are ways to use the whey, but
I've never pursued the different uses of whey.
The more whey that drains,
the thicker the yogurt.
The yogurt should drain about 45 minutes to an hour.

You have made Greek Yogurt!
Easy Peasy!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Now why do I think that I would somehow screw this up?

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I tried to make yogurt...I think I must have gotten the milk too warm...I ended up with a mess! I may try again, but I am exploring the fringes of veganism since I really don't like milk and I have family members that are lactose intolerant.