Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poor Pixie!

Yesterday, Pixie had her teeth cleaned.  Ouch!!!  She came home groggy and mad at me!  Poor girl.  She was in pain, so I had to leave her home and go back to the vet for some pain medication.  She was not happy with me when I got home.  Her leg hurt her, too, at the IV site.  She winced and whined a bit.  She refused to eat, even her favorite treat!
She was still glaring at me at bedtime, even when she was fake shivering.  I'd cover her up, then she'd start panting.  My poor girl had a very rough day.  I hope she has a better day today!!

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Right Turn ArtWerks said...

I love that Pixie is drama queen. She knows her Mom's emotions are tied by heart strings and she's not afraid to let you know she didn't like that vet visit one single bit. I do hope she's coming along. We had Trudy's teeth cleaned but she was more worried about the hysterectomy and had plenty of pain medication. I don't know who needed it more though. Her or me.