Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'Member Hearther Behrendt? Here's a little more of her amazing work!

I think I can truthfully say that Heather Behrednt has the best stringer control I have ever seen!  Look at this "Music bead!"  Her lines are crisp and clean!  Amazing, and wait until you see more!!!

Oh, here's the link to this bead! Click

Personally, I think Heather is selling this bead way too cheaply!
This is an amazing bead!
I can't get over how straight her lines are!  How beautifully accurate each stringer is laid down!  Wow!  Grab. It. While. You. Can.  It's a steal!!!!!
Click HERE to see this bead!

A little simpler, but no less beautiful, is this set of earring pair beads from Heather.  (See what I mean about her stringer work?  AMAZING!)

to see this set.

I'm a big fan of Heather's and her art!  If you click HERE, you can see her Etsy shop.  Feel free to spend there.  Her work is on the track to be collectible very soon!


Robyn said...

Gorgeous beads! Love the musical notes beads!

Heather Behrendt said...

Thanks for the feature. I appreciate it :)