Saturday, June 18, 2016

Changing the program up a bit: Today will be 5 minute Friday: Lose

The June day when the day is the longest is coming soon.
I really don't look forward to that day.
That long day tells me that the light of the day will become shorter
I look at the glorious sunset.
Right now,
the sun is the focus of my sight.
Look! Look!
The sun is almost setting!
I love this time of day, but I do not look forward to cold, dark days of winter.
Life is good.
Summer flies by fast.
It's just begun, summer, that is,
and now, the days will begin to shorten.  
Dark days are coming quickly.
The temperatures will rise then fall.
I love the warm days.
I love the long days.
Look at that glorious sun.
i'm litterally riding into the sunset!
I remember those words from the TV westerns I used to watch as a child.
I love the days that are warm.
I love the nights that are cool!
These are summer days.
Then the cool of autumn begins to bite.
Soon  the dark winter days will be here.
Sunrise.  Sunset.
sunset.  Sunrise.
It's a cycle of life and living.
As life comes into the world, one day, we must leave the world through death.
Sunrise.  Sunset.
The light makes  us grow.
Challenges.  Storms.
The sun is hidden, but today, the sun is beautiful!

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