Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Worth Repeating: So, what Do You Do on a Rainy Friday? Ramblings on a Wet Friday.

Looks like fun, and it did brighten up and otherwise gloomy day.
I knew I had to do this.
I've always wanted one.
Now, finally, at my age,
I'm getting one
It's almost finished.
The rain helped to get it going.
Halloween is drawing near.
I'm wearing it on that day,
on any day I want to dance.
Do you know what IT is?
Well, it's tulle right now, 
but soon it will be a
I needed more than I bought, so it was back to the fabric store for more tulle.
This time I added some white for an accent.  
You'll see it next week when I'm finished with it.
I can hardly wait.

I'll dance in it, too.
I love to dance.
I wonder what Pixie will think?
She'll just lift up her head, then go back to sleep.
Maybe, I'll make one for her, too?

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